Date: May 06, 2019

01) FinalCrypt

“FinalCrypt is a Java-based application that takes a different approach, encrypting your data using a large cipher file, making it pretty much impossible to crack without access to that particular file. It features a simple UI and is quite easy to use.”

Haven’t actually tried this yet.

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7 thoughts on “FinalCrypt…

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I will when I get time, and I’m feeling up to it.

      I don’t encrypt a lot of things these days…

      …I probably should, but it always scares me that I’m going to end up with all my work in an encrypted container…and then something is going to get corrupted somehow, and I wont be able to get to my content.

      I use encryption more for transferring content, or when leaving backups on devices I may lose control over…Which, I’ve not done in years.

      I just haven’t had a really strong need for this type of encryption, as of late.

      I used to use TrueCrypt…and I was using VeraCrypt for a short window of time.

      After my personal security got compromised and my identity got out, several years back…it’s just kind of been like…”What does it matter?”…In my case…people already know I hold controversial viewpoints…If anyone managed to hack into my PC, they’d find nothing substantially different from what they find on my blog.

      My legality is not in question…I literally have nothing to hide, in that regard…

      If anything illegal ever ended up on any of my devices…it will have been planted there by someone else…That much is an absolute guarantee.

      I see little use in using strong encryption in my case…when an OS password will keep most people out of my machines…and they’re simply passing laws, to criminalize refusal to decrypt encrypted content.

      So…I find the technology fascinating…but it’s not a pressing issue on my part, to have a lot of encryption software…

      …I’m pretty certain I downloaded the software, at any rate…I’ll get to it, at some point. 🙂

      Thanks for that link.

  1. Ron de Jong

    I wrote FinalCrypt for myself in the first place not trusting any encryption standards anymore. If I screw up FinalCrypt then I screw up all my personal data, because I encrypted virtually all my 100GB of personal data not having a backup of the originals at all. I can’t afford FinalCrypt to let me down, so to me FinalCrypt is sacred (especially the cryptographic code-blocks). I will never let my users and myself down.

  2. Ron de Jong

    Interesting to portray yourself as a cute little kid on a bench called Stevie picking tech cherries from his laptop. Such a sympathetic and charming picture you profiled your self with online.
    I’m sure you’re not a young little kid though. I’d like to know more about you Stevie.

  3. Ron de Jong

    Hey Stevie,

    How are you doing?

    Just checking in again to see how you’re doing with FinalCrypt.
    You can copy an entire directory and encrypt it just to safely try.
    FinalCrypt got even easier lately. Curious what you think of it.

    Cheers, Ron


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