Homosexuality: It’s about survival – not sex – James O’Keefe…


Date: May 06, 2019

01) Homosexuality: It’s about survival – not sex – James O’Keefe

Thanks to Pete!

“This passionate talk from Dr. James O’Keefe MD gives us a deeply personal and fascinating insight into why homosexuality is indeed a necessary and extraordinarily useful cog in nature’s wheel of perfection.

James H O’Keefe MD, is a Board Certified Cardiologist and Director of both the Charles & Barbara Duboc Cardio Health & Wellness Center and the Preventive Cardiology service at Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute. He is also Professor of Medicine at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. His postgraduate training included a cardiology fellowship at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Dr O’Keefe is board-certified in Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Nuclear Cardiology, and Cardiac CT Imaging. He is consistently ranked among the ‘Top Doctor’ lists regionally and nationally as one of America’s Top Rated Physicians in Cardiology. He has been named as one of USA Today’s Most Influential Doctors. Dr O’Keefe has contributed more than 300 articles to the medical literature and has authored best-selling cardiovascular books for health professionals including: The Complete Guide to ECGs (which is used for Cardiology Board Certification), Dyslipidemia Essentials, and Diabetes Essential.”

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4 thoughts on “Homosexuality: It’s about survival – not sex – James O’Keefe…

  1. David Kennerly

    Thank you! This is awesome! Of course, the epigenetic angle has been floating around for a while but this personal perspective and an accessible framing were very powerful.

  2. feinmann0

    I recall this excellent talk, and wondered at the time whether my boylover-biased sexuality was simply a subset of homosexuality. If one were to replace the word ‘homosexual’ with ‘pedosexual’, O’Keefe’s talk would make just as much sense: Boylove: Its about survival – not sex.


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