How To Blog Anonymously (and how not to)…

Date: May 06, 2019

01) How To Blog Anonymously (and how not to)

“…this is a list of thoughts…on the topic of being an anonymous writer and blogger. Maybe not exactly a how-to (since the outcome is not guaranteed) as a post on things I did, things I should have done, and things I learned. – Dr. Brooke Magnanti”

You cannot stay anonymous forever…

…I think, that is the reality one confronts…especially as time goes on, and far more eyes are regularly viewing you.

I’ve had a really long run, as an anonymous writer/blogger and media creator…It’s lasted well over a decade, now…

…I almost brought this to an end, a few years back…in the recording I’d made for the “evil-unveiled response”…I dropped my full, legal name at the very end…but then, instead of releasing it, I slept on it…and ultimately thought it was a bad move…not the right time…Life was too complicated, to be making it more complicated…

It’s hard to explain wanting to come out fully, by your own chosen time and method, where there is no force…and harder still to explain, wanting to do this more than anything else at the time.

It’s hard to explain, how difficult it is to refrain.

I’m glad I didn’t, of course…but I was on the edge of doing such, roughly three years ago.

I love being Steve Diamond…But I don’t like hiding…and I don’t like all the plethora of things, which I’ve had to keep back…

…I’ve never liked being anonymous.

I would never choose to be anonymous, if it weren’t for all the crazies in this world…

…and for my drive to just want to write and share, without ridiculous interruption.

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