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Pat Benatar – Behind the Music…


Date: May 16, 2019

01) Pat Benatar – Behind the Music

I think the one sole thing about Pat which I had a harder time with…was the “Hell is for Children” thing…

I was still pretty young when it came out..It sounded fine…It just always went over like a thud, with me…It’s a dark, very emotionally suggestive song, incorporating your typical themes on child sexual abuse.

Why it stood out, is because nobody was doing this type of thing…introducing that sort of issue, with that sort of depiction and message…

As I got a bit older…I realized more deeply what the song was actually about…and for most of my life, “Hell is for Children” has stood out in my mind…as a pioneering effort to construct this really dark mental picture…of “what it means for children to be touched by sex”…

…I dislike this song, because of what it lyrically pushes…in a black and white sort of way.

It always seemed like it was setting there, “right at the beginning”, fanning the flames of hysteria.

At the same time…I do realize, that “Hell is for Children” does represent the lived experience of many children in this world.

I just think the song falls short, morally…in that it’s so narrow in view…

…There is no distinction…It’s all just, “You shouldn’t have to pay for your love, with your bones and your flesh”…as if there were no other option, than brutality and injury.

Given everything that falls under the umbrella of “child sexual abuse”…I find this to be a really wrong, honestly reprehensible, framing of the issue.

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US Creates Plan To Send 120k Troops To Irán, Builds Bogus Case For Wár…

Date: May 16, 2019

01) US Creates Plan To Send 120k Troops To Irán, Builds Bogus Case For Wár

“At the direction of national security adviser John Bolton, acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan last week presented top White House national security officials with a plan to send up to 120,000 troops to the Middle East in the event that Iran “attack American forces or accelerate work on nuclear weapons,” the New York Times reports.


Fall of the Roman Empire – When Will It Happen to the U.S.?…

Date: May 16, 2019

01) Fall of the Roman Empire – When Will It Happen to the U.S.?

“Could the fall of the Roman empire have been caused partly by the privatization of their military?

Mortal Republican: How Rome Fell to Tyranny details how privatization of the military was precursor to the the eventual fall of the entire empire.

As companies like Black Water begin the same task with privatizing combat fighting, security, and others are cutting into the VA, could we be seeing the same phenomenon that caused the Roman empire to fall happening to the United States Empire?”

When Will America Fall – Like the Roman Empire?…

Date: May 16, 2019

01) When Will America Fall – Like the Roman Empire?

“The fall of the Roman Empire in 476 CE is well known. Less well known, is whether the US will fall this century.

Edward J Watts book ‘Mortal Republic’ covers the Roman Republic and how Rome fell into tyranny and discusses with Thom whether the American Empire will decline.

The historian covers the Roman Empire fall and the possible decline of the American Empire.

Mortal Republic: