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We Believe You…

Date: May 20, 2019

01) We Believe You

“Falsely accused of rape or serious sexual assault – the number of victims of lies is rising exponentially. This film tells a small sample of the reality.

Please also note the individual stories being uploaded to this channel that can give an in depth account of each person’s experience. While more and more people are being brave enough to speak out about the trauma and loss that is peculiarly savage when you are falsely accused of a sex crime, there are thousands more in Britain who choose to stay silent for fear of greater costs and greater loss. All of us involved in making this film chose to break this silence to try and free as many of those people as possible and prevent others from suffering as a result of this pernicious weapon that has killed some, and ruined thousands. For more on the facts, figures and narratives behind this national scandal – you may refer to this longer explanation, with Office for National Statistics graphs and figures that SHOULD blow people’s minds.


Leaving Neverland – Was Michael Jackson Guilty?…

Date: May 20, 2019

01) Leaving Neverland – Was Michael Jackson Guilty?

Thanks to Pete!

“This video answers the question: Can I review the Leaving Neverland movie? This movie features two individuals (Wade Robson and James Safechuck) who have accused Michael Jackson of abuse. This movie has elicited strong emotions in many and these emotions tend to interfere with critical thinking.