Tech firms to give secret evidence at child sexual abuse inquiry…

Date: May 22, 2019

01) Tech firms to give secret evidence at child sexual abuse inquiry

“Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Google are to give secret evidence to the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse (IICSA) as it examines the growing problem of online exploitation.

Representatives of the four global tech companies will make part of their submissions in closed sessions of the inquiry, which is being held in Southwark, south London.

At the opening of a new strand of IICSA hearings, William Chapman, a barrister representing grooming and abuse victims, called on the major technology companies to do far more to “curb the modern scourge” of sex crimes carried out via the internet.

Chapman, acting for the law firm Switalskis, also called for the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority to change its rules so that victims of online abuse would be eligible for payments in future.

“In the real world,” he said, “a playground created for children would have to be safe … It would not be sufficient to put up a notice which said: ‘Enter at your own risk.’” That, however, mirrored the state of the internet today, he said.”

The internet is not “a children’s playground”, in the first place…

…Who does this joker think he’s fooling?

Just another bozo, who aims to kill the internet.

1 thought on “Tech firms to give secret evidence at child sexual abuse inquiry…

  1. feinmann0

    The whole IICSA enterprise is a joke, and as such, one might fully expect it to be populated with jokers. The sad thing though is the terrible waste of tax payers money plus a perpetuation of the false accusers charter.


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