YouTube Terminates Cart O’Graph Channel…

Date: May 22, 2019

01) Cart O’Graph

“This account has been terminated for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”

The unprincipled and cowardly “service” YouTube has struck again…this time, against one of the most well researched, least radical MAP channels ever.

As usual…the lame, unspecific “violations” are claimed…which says nothing, and simply hides the reality of this brazen censorship.

As has been recognized many times before…if you want to discuss the concrete realities concerning MAP existence [and related topics], you will ultimately be censored on YouTube.

…because YouTube is overwhelmed, with censorship crazed scoundrels.

For those of us who know what was on that channel…this was literal, unjustified censorship…and YouTube cannot hide from what it has done.

This may be a good time to direct people who care about actual free speech, to FreeSpeechTube…in case you aren’t aware of it.

I cant say a lot about this new host/streaming service…other than the parent company name is quite familiar to me…and I recognize at least one person, who’s uploading videos…I believe we finally have a “YouTube” style service, owned by MAPs and specializing in MAP media…though very basic in features.

They don’t tolerate hate speech…so, it technically does not live up to it’s own name…but this is still a very exciting development.

I’m reluctant to re-upload other people’s content to the internet…but what YouTube did is such a gross injustice, I may make an exception with Cart O’Graph’s videos…Besides…I was intending to give them inclusion in MA-TV.

6 thoughts on “YouTube Terminates Cart O’Graph Channel…

  1. feinmann0

    Thanks for the useful Free Speech link, Steve, duly favoritised. I have only had time to watch a few so far … the True Colours: Coming Out guy is ABSOLUTELY a man after my own heart ;o)

    If Cart O’Graph had any sense, he would have backed up his material … the taking down of his MAP channel was just a matter of time and amply demonstrates the fascist character of those who have all the power within American society.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      You’re welcome!

      It’s about time we had something like this for us…

      I suppose it’s not right to call it an “equal playing field”…because if you’re not on YouTube, you’re limited in various ways…But it’s still wonderful, that we finally have a video streaming platform, for us.

      I’d be shocked if Cart O didn’t back up his work…I did, at any rate.

      I’m going to be using my own FreeSpeechTube account to share my EQFvideo content…or a sampling of it…mostly a series I made called “M.A. Today” [I had such higher visions for that project].

      Oh!…Steven Schurgard…He went to prison, you know?…He’s possibly still there…I remember when he had his own website, and when he was producing and releasing these videos…He was reckless…and allegedly actually had CP in his possession…Still, that video is somewhat funny.

    1. eqfoundation Post author


      I’m sure you will be welcomed.

      I’ve got tons of stuff, myself…but I’m giving preference to my own media…I’ve always felt reluctant to upload other peoples media, without their permission…though, I still might.


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