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In Response To Mario Alejandro Casillas…


Date: May 26, 2019

01) Mario Alejandro Casillas

Hello, Mario…

“Hey your a pedo sympathizer right? I have questions.”

I am a pedophile BoyLover.

“How do you think pedos get laid do they just go up to a 7 year old ask em out to dinner then wait till the third date?”

Where it comes to intergenerational relationships of that nature, discard the stereotypical models of “adult sex”. The dynamics are not the same, and the manifestations cannot be entirely the same.

That said…in a civilization which understands, values and respects intergenerational love…the scenario of an adult taking a child out to dinner, or to places where they can spend time together, would not be particularly strange or ill viewed.

Most modern cultures would have to experience radical changes, before any supportive social framework existed, which these types of relationships could honestly exist in.

“What if the child doesn’t understand what their asking?”

This is a failure on the part of culture and civilization.

Children should not be forced into sexual ignorance…

…If sex is not hidden from them, and they see the activities in culture…whenever they seek it out…they will have something on which they can base a decision, to self elect into some form of sexual activity.

” What if they don’t consent?”

Then it is an abuse.

“Is there an age limit for children or it’s ok no matter what the age.”

That is a very deep, sometimes volatile, question…since nepiophilia [the sexual love of infants and toddlers] is also a factor.

As I see it…this primarily hinges on the tolerance and temperament of the civilization.

Some are intelligent and progressive enough…to see things for what they are.

It’s little known or talked about today…but attitudes to sex [and sexual touch] were radically different in some regards, only a century back…and earlier.

Mothers and other family members orally sucking a small boys penis [to calm him, etc.], was once considered a total non-issue…simple child rearing…The practice has been recorded in writings, and even paintings…

…In France…there was once a time when the family structure was such that…a young [10…11…12…13…] boy’s first sexual companion would normally be his own mother…and this would commonly last until he took on a wife, and/or moved out of the home.

These were pragmatic social decisions, the larger culture saw nothing shocking or horrendous about.

Contrary to the “we learned better, and put a stop to it” opinion…these practices were a casualty of sharply changing moral outrage…Previously, they worked out quite splendidly in their cultures…People who morally object, like to cast a dark shadow on such practices, and act as though they were on par with slavery, or something…They also like to carry on, as if these things “must have been traumatic, and obviously not enjoyable”…There is no reason for this conclusion, other than ignorance and bigotry.

The first example I just gave, easily falls into the behavioral realm of nepiphilia…even if the people doing it, were not strictly nepiophiles.

Is it possible for civilization to afford sexual intimacy to children of all ages?…

…Yes…it unquestionably is…It already has been, in the not so distant past.

Should there be an age cut off?…

…This is a question every civilization has to confront, debate, wrestle over, and make a decision regarding.

“Do you think pedos get the right to do things to children that potentially aren’t old enough to have had ‘the talk’?”

Well…pedophiles are people who are attracted to children in the roughly six to twelve age range…Generally speaking, if sex is not hidden from children in the culture…then they would be old enough to have some sort of “the talk”.

Nepiophiles would be the more complicated discussion to be had…provided a culture agrees “the talk” is such a vital thing, for every single form of sexual encounter.

If the culture is more lax, and has an eased mind about things like simple, gentle touch…then does “a talk” really hold so much importance, when that is all the child ever experiences?

Hebephiles [who are attracted to people going through puberty] and ephebophiles [who are attracted to young people in their teens, who’ve passed through puberty], are generally accepted as being attracted to people who are likely to have had such a talk.

As a side…I’ve never understood the whole ridiculousness surrounding “the talk”…a generally uncomfortable encounter, with someone you’ll never have sexual relations with…who you don’t really even want to have such a discussion with…quickly dumping a bunch of “sex facts” onto you, and never bringing the topic up again…

…as if this is how human sexuality even should be approached.

It’s pathetic and ridiculous…as are cultures who think this is how things should be.

“Do you also support rape culture and believe rape should be legal?”

No, and no…

The timing of your questions is kind of interesting, as I just recently [within the last week] wrote something relevant to this, for my “In Self Defense” series.

In all honesty…I am a pragmatic moderate…I am against forced celibacy…I am against forced sexual activity…I am against forced sexual ignorance…I am for self elected, sexual freedom.

Many people will say that “children cannot understand sex”…

…And of course they cannot understand it, when the very same people making such claims, are among the people making certain children never see, or learn anything about sex

This is an unnatural state of being…which takes naturally sexual beings, and makes sexually dysfunctional beings out of them.

I strongly recommend reading the Growing Up Sexually archive, which catalogues a very large collection of historical examples, where children and teens have been both expected and tolerated, to be engaged in sexual activity.

Childhood sexuality has been far more tolerated throughout history, than most people imagine.

When we take an honest look at it…the claims of “trauma and injury” fall flat.

“This is not meant as an attack I’m just curious to how the mind of a pedo support guy works.”

I appreciate that…Thank you.


How an internet mob falsely painted a Chipotle employee as racist…

Date: May 26, 2019

01) How an internet mob falsely painted a Chipotle employee as racist

“Just about every week we see the same story. Someone takes a jittery smartphone video of a white person caught in the act of doing something that’s labeled racist. An army of online commentators mobilizes. The video goes viral. And the person in the video is publicly shamed, often losing a job or being ostracized by the community. His or her name becomes a hashtag for hate.

The circulation of these racist outrage videos is so common that they’ve become the online version of background noise. The social scientist Eugenia Siapera says they often trigger “ambient digital racism” — racially toxic online posts from ordinary people that are so commonplace they no longer shock.

Yet there is another part of this story that is rarely told because it is not as common. What happens when you are falsely accused of being a racist in a video? How does your life change after you’ve become a racist meme? How do you handle your own outrage?”