Noa Pothoven [17] of Arnhem in the Netherlands is legally euthanised…

Date: June 05, 2019

01) Noa Pothoven of Arnhem in the Netherlands is legally euthanised

“A 17-year-old Dutch girl has been euthanised at her home. She said the trauma of being raped as a child made her feel she couldn’t keep living.

Noa Pothoven, 17, has been legally euthanised in the Netherlands, saying the pain she was dealing with after a childhood rape was “insufferable”.

Noa, from Arnhem, said in a social media post a day before her death last Sunday that she “breaths but no longer lives”.

Noa wrote an autobiography called Winning or Learning, after sexual assaults and rapes as a small girl led her to develop post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anorexia.

She was attacked three times as a youngster.

Children as young as 12 can opt for euthanasia in the Netherlands but only after a doctor determines that the patient’s pain is unbearable.

Euthanasia is also legal in some US states, Canada and Belgium.”

This has got to be one of the single most messed up things I have ever read…

…Not that kids can opt into it…but that this is considered to be a valid reason for it.

It can take many years to work through your issues…That doesn’t mean life will never be worth living again.

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