The Knives Come Out: #VoxAdpocalypse…

Date: June 08, 2019

01) The Knives Come Out: #VoxAdpocalypse

“YouTube have decided that they take marching orders from Vox, and so noose shall be tightened and warned nobody in advance. YouTube deleted a bunch of channels and demonetised a dozen more.”

I still think this is primarily YouTube’s own fault, for creating a pay structure which rewarded people for stalking, harassing, abusing and threatening other people…and allowing their own platform to devolve into a lawless atmosphere.

We now have this mass of “creators”, who feel self entitled to money…for setting in front of a camera and saying whatever they want to say…who are now angry, because YouTube is finally doing something [anything at all] to curb the noxious atmosphere it’s allowed to flourish all these years.

Don’t get me wrong…It’s fine when people self elect to engage in a community structure, where this type of behavior is understood as the norm by all who participate, and before anyone enters into it…

…I’m talking more about the YouTube sociopaths who pounce on everyone else, who just happens to be on the platform doing their own thing.

Yes…some of the reasoning behind current changes seems wonky and slanted…

…But I’m thoroughly convinced that YouTube was better, before it started paying people money.

What we have now, is this platform [and subsequent platforms that have opened up], where people get into this cycle of vomiting out “content”, and treating it like it’s a job…They’re just chasing after the money, and often aren’t terribly concerned over what they “need” to say and do to get it.

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