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Youtube Has Censored My Video About Censorship, Yes Seriously…

Date: June 15, 2019

01) Youtube Has Censored My Video About Censorship, Yes Seriously

“Youtube Has Censored My Video About Censorship, Yes Seriously. Recently there was a big story released by James O’Keefe and Project Veritas about Pinterest censoring conservatives. The story was covered by many outlets including far left and leftist digital media.

My video was me reading publicly available information from a website and no new information was revealed. Yet for some reason my video was quietly removed without any notice on youtube.

I only found out because someone emailed asking why I was being censored. The official reason? A Privacy complaint. But from who?

Not only did I get a complaint but James O’keefe and Steven Crowder got complaints. In fact the origianl report has been removed and Steven Crowder got a privacy complaint for interviewing O’Keefe about it.

Social media censorship is now coming for journalism not just commentary. Perhaps this is in result to recent reports, like from Vox, that conservatives are winning the internet. Maybe this wave of censorship hitting Youtube is a result of far left social justice activists taking the only action they have left.”

Welcome to my world, Tim.