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Steven Anderson – Is He A Cult Leader? (2019) (BITE Model Breakdown)…

Date: June 17, 2019

01) Steven Anderson – Is He A Cult Leader? (2019) (BITE Model Breakdown)

“Is the New Independent Fundamentalist Baptist movement a cult? How do they compare to the BITE model? Is Steven Anderson a cult leader? In this video, I go through the BITE model and talk about how cult-like this group acts. I also talk about their various beliefs and ideals.”

“[YouTube] Censors Everything But Pedophilia”?…

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Date: June 17, 2019

01) YoutTube Censors Everything But Pedophilia

“YouTube is purging or demonetizing more channels from its platform as it implements a new hate speech policy which includes videos discussing such topics as immigration status, while at the same time promoting videos that attract child predators. The hypocrisy means discussing illegals preying on children is bad, while showing showing children that arouse pedos is a-ok. David Zublick unseals the horrible truth in this special report!”

Apparently…David Zublick is living in an alternate universe, where YouTube has no history of zealously deleting the types of videos he references [and terminating the accounts they were uploaded onto]…

…As a pedophilic MAP, myself…I would find it very intriguing to encounter this version of YouTube, for once in my lifetime…

…As things stand…I am forced to classify this “pro pedophile YouTube” in the same category as leprechauns and unicorns…pretty certain none of them actually exist.

What often gets me…is that you have all these people up in a huff, who’ve clearly never followed anything at all where it comes to the existence of MAP’s on YouTube…and they point to these certain types of videos, claiming “that is pedophilia on YouTube”…

…Well…No…No, it is not…

What David is talking about, is a subsection involving MAP’s who create tasteful, respectful videos [usually with music and pictures], as well as moles who upload content and frame it in the most crass way possible…And then there’s just the stuff the YouTube algorithms pick up and dump into the suggestions…

Some people have figured out how to intentionally game the algorithm, and consciously do such to get more views on their video…others unintentionally find their content being grouped in with this sort of thing.

…But these videos are not “the pedophilic content” on YouTube…

You’d be hard pressed to find any human demographic, that has been more viciously censored on YouTube than MAP’s.

A lot of us don’t even pay any attention to this “child exploitation videos” sideshow, which people are currently losing their minds over.

Now…MAP’s who start a YouTube channel where they upload no such videos, but commence to offering social commentary, sharing news, information, etc., and talking about personal issues?…

…I cannot even tell you how many times over the last decade plus…I’ve witnessed MAP accounts unceremoniously terminated for no sane or sound reason, other than it was discovered to be hosting the content of a MAP who was simply saying things.

…In fact…YouTube seems more concerned over [and hostile towards] the level headed content of intellectual MAP’s, than it is over videos of minors “showing to much skin”, or being “sexually inappropriate”.

That is probably my misconception…as I know they delete videos with kids in them, frequently…but I’ve rarely seen a seriously worthwhile, honest MAP account that remains active, last more than a couple years…often being struck down within a few months of opening up.

This is one of the biggest problems MAP’s face on YouTube…We’ve never been able to establish a solid presence on the platform, because we are constantly being treated unfairly and discriminated against, regardless of what we are using the platform for.

…And here we have David…acting as though YouTube has any sort of history, of being supportive towards us.

This is gross ignorance.

This is one of the main reasons, why so many of us MAP’s have tried to create and maintain good YouTube accounts…

…To combat the fact, that people who don’t even care about getting the facts correct, are running wild with these kinds of distortions, and corrupting the dialogue surrounding MAP issues.


Transgender Murders

So many young people murdered. 😦


I list some cases of transgender murders during 2018-19 in the US. As sources, I used:

From 2018 (quotes are from the first two websites):

  • Christa Leigh Steele-Knudslien, 42, “was found dead in her home on January 5 in North Adams, Massachusetts. Steele-Knudslien organized and produced the Miss Trans New England and other pageants, and was loved and known by many in both the local and national trans community”.
  • Viccky Gutierrez, 33, “a transgender woman from Honduras was stabbed and had her body set ablaze inside her Los Angeles home on January 10. Friends described her as ‘a young trans Latina immigrant woman whose warm smile would give anyone comfort’.”
  • Celine Walker, 36, “was fatally shot in a hotel room on on February 4 in…

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Tech Giants Are Driving Us Into A Technocratic Dystopian Future Of Censorship And Unpersoning…

Date: June 17, 2019

01) Tech Giants Are Driving Us Into A Technocratic Dystopian Future Of Censorship And Unpersoning

“We Are Heading Straight Into A Technocratic Dystopian Future. With the censorship of Project Veritas and my video on censorship itself we can truly see that ‘the fire truck is on fire.’ If any of us try to prove censorship and that political motivations drive the tech giants they shut us down. This is just another example of the encroaching nightmare dystopia. A future run by unelected billionaires who are accountable to no one and refuse to stop.

While these tech giants have destroyed local journalism and slowly monopolized public discourse many far left activists have defended them as private businesses. Now Facebook seeks to launch a new currency called ‘Libra’ and has the backing of Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal.

Tech giants will now begin slowly monopolizing the economy, removing your access to trade and speech. Its possible that Libra fails but we have already seen Mastercard and Chase bank ‘debank’ conservatives and political figures.

Under the guise of social justice these companies have begun removing people they view to be ‘unhealthy’ for the conversation. But who gives them this right? How long until these companies ban you from finance and the economy for wrongthink?”

The Future of NonSequitur + Queer Eye for the Baptist Guy: The Very #Gay End of the #NIFB…

Date: June 17, 2019

01) The Future of NonSequitur + Queer Eye for the Baptist Guy: The Very #Gay End of the #NIFB

“Streamed live on Jun 12, 2019.

See just how #PRIDE triumphed over hate.”

It’s worth noting, that Melissa Z was taking advice [on gun ownership, of all things] from Stephen Anderson…one of the bozos who is behind this “kill all homosexuals” festival. She’s the insane screwball, who was targeting me for most of a year, back in 2016/2017.