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Paedophiles should not be prosecuted for watching child porn and should be put on ‘diversion courses’ instead, new report says…

Date: June 25, 2019

01) Paedophiles should not be prosecuted for watching child porn and should be put on ‘diversion courses’ instead, new report says

“Proposal by think-tank Justice recommends softer treatment for offenders

The idea is backed by the new Victims’ Commissioner Dame Vera Baird

But critics warn the process could be exploited and says some offenders need tougher treatment to steer them away from re-offending

Paedophiles caught viewing child sex abuse images should not be prosecuted, a controversial report has recommended.

Under the plan, police would be told to let thousands of offenders who look at indecent photographs and films of youngsters online off the hook by sending them to workshops instead of being taken to court.

Offenders would be placed on ‘diversion courses’ – similar to drink-driving awareness programmes.”

Half in the Bag: Child’s Play (2019)…


Date: June 25, 2019

01) Half in the Bag: Child’s Play (2019)

“Mike and Jay saw the new Chucky movie. The reboot. Not the other new Chucky movie that only came out a couple of years ago. It’s a different Chucky now. But there’s a new Chucky TV series coming out next year as well. That’s going to be the original Chucky. The Chucky they’re talking about in this video is the new Chucky. There’s two Chuckys. For some reason.”

There’s been a curious resurgence in the “Child’s Play” series, over the last three or four years…

They put out “Revenge of Chucky”…and then “Cult of Chucky”…neither of which I’ve seen…and I presume they didn’t do all that well…

…I wasn’t expecting a reboot…

…It just seems like…”What for?”…

I’m interested in seeing all the ones I’ve not seen yet, though…including this new one…and at this point, it looks like there’s more that I have not seen, than the ones I have seen.

I’ve seen the first two…parts of the third…and “Seed of Chucky” [which I absolutely loved]…never seen any of the others.

On the side…they mention “The Boy”…a movie I really liked…I’ll have to find something, and maybe even write something, about that movie…

I have a thing for creepy doll movies…I love them.

The “Child’s Play” series is really comedy, however…It’s barely even horror.

I do like the way Chucky looks in this reboot.

Child’s Play: