Chris Hayes STUNNED By Republican’s Inhumanity…

Date: July 01, 2019

01) Chris Hayes STUNNED By Republican’s Inhumanity

“U.S. Customs and Border Protection is turning away donations of toys, soap, toothbrushes, diapers and medicine for migrant children housed at the border, the Texas Tribune reported Monday.

Texas state Rep. Terry Canales (D) tweeted a letter Saturday to CBP, offering “the full support of the Rio Grande Valley community” to care for migrant children in custody. He told the newspaper that Border Patrol officials told his office they do not accept donations.

“The whole situation is disgusting, but I’m always hopeful that the better part of us as human beings will shine through,” Canales said. “Those children feel like the world has given up on them, and we have to fight for them.”


Oh…those “paragons of child protection”…

…They lose their minds over what laws and penalties other countries have in place to stop conduct, most peculiarly where it comes to moralistic sexual prohibitions on relations and pornography…

…but children actually start needlessly dying, while in the care of the richest country in earths history…

…Supposedly…the USA is a moral civilization…

…where children can openly die, if it serves the political ambitions of those with enough personal wealth and power.

How dishonest and integrally bankrupt do you have to be…in order to see people like this, as being morally superior to Child Lovers?

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