CIVIL WAR 2?? Here’s the truth about America’s future…

Date: July 06, 2019

01) CIVIL WAR 2?? Here’s the truth about America’s future

“In this video, intelligence analyst and Iraq/Afghanistan war veteran Samuel Culper breaks down what’s likely in store for America and what it will look like.


We have to differentiate “civil war” which is an armed conflict between ORGANIZED groups over control over a government, and “low intensity conflict” which is a war among people or the state.

A civil war with organized groups, i.e. armies, is unlikely. A “low intensity conflict” is already happening. So don’t @ me telling me how stupid I am for not believing a “civil war” is going to break out. We’re talking about violence primarily among the People — left/right, urban, rural, etc. — not a war over control for Washington D.C.”

I tend to think…whatever violence comes charging out of the gates…

…it’s going to be at the hands of the psychopaths, who’ve been itching for years to murder “the other people”.

Even a lot of the trash talkers who habitually threaten violence, are not going to actually engage in violent combat which kills, or can get them killed.

It’s going to be the idiots, who actively want to murder other people…Those murderous psychopaths may run rampant, for a time…Many people will have to defend themselves, from that unhinged group of people.

Most people aren’t going to want any part of it.

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