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NowThis: Why Bernie Sanders Isn’t Worried About Overpromising…

Date: July 15, 2019

01) Why Bernie Sanders Isn’t Worried About Overpromising – NowThis

“‘Our job is to transform this country.’ — Bernie Sanders has big plans for America. In the latest 20 Questions for 2020, he explains why he’s not worried about overpromising

In US news, Bernie Sanders, self-described Democratic socialist and one of the many 2020 presidential candidates, sat down the 20 questions for 2020 NowThis series. For Bernie Sanders, 2020 is an opportunity to change politics in America. In this NowThis News video, Bernie Sanders discusses his contributions to Obamacare, being the potentially first Jewish president, centrism, Wall Street, and more. While making any 2020 presidential election predictions might be hard at this point, the Bernie Sanders Fox News town hall made a big splash for Bernie. Another Democratic socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is also making waves in Washington.”