4 thoughts on “Sexual Human Rights…

  1. feinmann0

    Well said, Judith Levine: “The Gay community has been hideous about people who are called paedophiles. It has marginalised NAMBLA; it’s sexual McCarthyism. ‘You think I’m a perv, well there’s a real perv’. People who themselves have been criminalised for their desires … should not do that marginalisation.” see: https://www.freespeechtube.org/v/1065

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I’m fairly confident Judith would be against adult child sexual relations…but I’ve always seen her as an over all positive for us, because she speaks about the rarely acknowledged facts.

      Many of those facts are in our favor.

  2. feinmann0

    Human sexuality around the world (http://humanbehaviors.free.fr/telechargement/human_sexuality_around_the_world.pdf)

    “”Doin’ what comes naturally,” is the expression people once used to describe sex. It probably never was a very helpful piece of advice. In light of the tremendously varied ways other cultures look on sexual matters “doin what comes naturally,” hardly seems apt at all. Some of the sexual activities Americans consider most “natural” are looked on with horror elsewhere. The Zulu, for example, abhor the “missionary position” which they associate with animals. On the other hand, some of the “unnatural” lusts Americans condemned, such as homosexual relations, are considered in many New Guinea societies to be as wholesome as Mom and apple pie. Obviously, sex is as malleable as tastes in food or home decoration.

    Nor can societies be divided simply into those that are “liberal” about sexual matters and those that are not. There are just too many issues that do not divide themselves up this way. For example, a society where girls engage freely in premarital sex, is no more and no less likely than any other society to require women to be modest about sex. Knowing the frequency of premarital sex and the extent of sexual modesty in a culture, tells us nothing about its frequency of homosexuality.

    To be sure, there are some patterns to the sexual diversity found around the world. One comparative study used sophisticated statistical techniques to uncover a few “clusters” of sexual attitudes and practices that seem to “hang together.” One cluster seems to reflect a society’s position on sexual promiscuity (sexual relations with multiple partners). Societies that restrict premarital sex for girls, generally have less sexual promiscuity among the boys and men, and are more likely to have arranged marriages. By the same token, in societies where unmarried girls are more promiscuous, marriages are unlikely to be arranged, and boys and men are generally more promiscuous as well. Attitudes toward sex with multiple partners may be related to the amount of intimacy infants and children have with their caretakers. Where people have learned to be intimate when young, they tend to be more comfortable about having sex with many people as adults.”

    Am I wrong in thinking that the more a culture shields children from intimacy, the more sex-hostile, dumber and aggressive-towards-others that culture becomes?


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