Estonia Feminist Art Exhibition “Naine ja naine” [“Woman and Woman”]…

Date: July 24, 2019

Warning: You will encounter a picture of a naked, old woman, at the very least, if you follow this link.

01) Scandal! At the opening of the exhibition in Pärnu, the feminist artist undressed. But that is not all!

“On Saturday at the opening of the exhibition “Naine ja naine” (“Woman and Woman”) an unbelievable incident occurred in Pärnu: at the end of her speech, the artist, feminist and LGBT activist Mara Thrala took off her dress and remained in what she gave birth to. Thus, the woman expressed her protest against the works of the artist Marco Mäetamma. According to the feminists, in his works there is violence in the image of the female body. During the performance, Thrall covered the works of Maetamma with sheets with anti-sexist slogans, and she hung a large piece of fabric on the door of the exhibition hall with his paintings, which she wrote “No” but ”can not be an excuse for sexism”.

Scandalous performance in photo and video:

In addition, residents and guests of the city are shocked by the exhibition “Man, Woman, Freedom” (”Mees, naine, vabadus”), as well as the exposition “Man and Man” (“Mees ja mees”).”

I’m not sure exactly how planned all of this was…

…The boys pictured here didn’t seem to be expecting it.

There is a rather cute picture of these same boys, interacting with sex toys…mostly observing, as one seems to be touching.

They’re obviously in a state of joyful amusement, in that picture.

People are making a lot out of the boy in the NASA shirt, and the look on his face in the first photograph…as if he is responding to the stripping woman…

…But if you watch the video, it’s very obvious the boy is staring off into space [or looking at something else], and is oblivious of the stripping woman beside him until his friends point her out, a few seconds later.

People are misunderstanding the boys facial expression, at the exact moment this photograph was taken.

Not that he had a great time with the discovery, I guess…but, still.

It’s curious how misleading a photo can be.

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