WATCH Emma Vigeland From The Young Turks Try Her Best to Reason With Off-The-Rails MAGA Lady!…

Date: July 25, 2019

01) WATCH Emma Vigeland From The Young Turks Try Her Best to Reason With Off-The-Rails MAGA Lady!

“Emma Vigeland from The Young Turks interviewed a Trump supporter a few days ago and the responses she was getting ranged from racist to uninformed to denial.. and then to the inevitable FAKE NEWS.”

Watch the FULL ORIGINAL interview here:

2 thoughts on “WATCH Emma Vigeland From The Young Turks Try Her Best to Reason With Off-The-Rails MAGA Lady!…

  1. Xero

    Emma is the only one from tyt who is always fair and talks both sides of an argument. Yes they are all far left biased. I almost have to watch fox to balance out all sides. But while cenk screams at me and Ana I’ve grown to dislike because of her constant bias and inability to share the stage, John is moving up on my list of favorites. He will actually reply to a tweet or email. Emma hasn’t yet but she’s the top draw for that channel. She’s fair even when opinionated. She basically isn’t a bitch. She doesn’t whine or yell at the screen. She doesn’t make jokes over and over treating the audience like a comedy crowd. Her facts are top notch. She’s honest. Ana can be. I’ve seen It. And I don’t always agree with them but it isn’t about my preference. It’s reporting style. For Ana to be a journalist professor is laughable. She rarely presents both sides of an argument and is deeply biased. It is why I watch because the far left they offer can balance out the far right elsewhere. However Emma deserves her own channel and show. She can lean either way I don’t care but I trust her to present all sides and arguments and facts or me to decide on my own. Ana used to be that way but now she’s bitchy and doesn’t share opposing facts anymore. It’s rare. Very small percentage of the content. Cenk makes good points. Then screams at everyone until they bow down. I’m afraid that they will all get together and neuter John to be more spineless and not be fair anymore. He is usually a good reporter and fair. But it’s easily Emma as the mvp. She’s great on camera, she knows her facts and does her research, she presents all sides of a case and while she does lead the viewer a little with her reasoning it makes logical sense and it isn’t overwhelming. She says here’s what happened here’s the proofs here’s what I think here’s what might be different and change my mind later. That’s reporting. Framing a story around facts. She admits when she’s wrong. Ana doesn’t. Cenk surely doesn’t. John does often. The other older guys they use know how to debate but are fair. Far left but fair. Tyt is a good channel if u need left to balance out the right. U won’t get a fair honest story from only them unless Emma is reporting. She should really leave and do her own news cause Ana won’t let her up to the top and I don’t want to see her argue with cenk and he fires her. That’s the kind of person he comes across as. He doesn’t mind Ana doing the footwork and editing with jayar who gee I wonder why they love him so much. Cause he does anything they say. He agrees with everything on camera. It’s almost a cult over there. We need Ana and John to have their own news channel. Let them each take a side and talk. Debate. Explain. Defend. Convince. And they won’t scream at us.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Thank you, Xero!

      I’ve been sharing TYT videos for a very long time…so long, it’s hard to get out of the habit.

      You’re right…they are biased..and the tippy top people aren’t the best on the team…

      I mostly share TYT media, because I mostly agree with progressive politics…as relates to social structure…financial structure…health structure…

      I know TYT is far from perfect…and if I were still writing regularly, I’d give responses to everything I post here, like I once used to.

      I’ve certainly disagreed with TYT in the past.

      I try to expand and include better sources [ie: Democracy Now! The Real News]…but, TYT tends to always be showing up in mu recommendations…and I’m a sucker for following the titles.


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