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Blaming Games For Mass Shootings Is A Disgusting Distraction (The Jimquisition)…


Date: August 09, 2019

01) Blaming Games For Mass Shootings Is A Disgusting Distraction (The Jimquisition)

“In the wake of multiple mass shootings over a single weekend, politicians with vested interests in shifting the blame pulled their easiest, laziest trick – they blamed videogames.

Donald Trump accused games of glorifying violence in a way that encourages domestic terrorists to go out and commit mass murder. The game industry was rightly offended.

But it’s all stupid nonsense, and it’s designed to be stupid nonsense. The more we argue in circles about videogames, the less we talk about guns, or white nationalism, or whatever else might actually be causing the uniquely American problem of widespread mass murder.”

But see…this is what they do, when they want to push something onto others…

…They just keep forcefully asserting things, while ignoring everything else.

Along the way, as they continue their assault…people who hear them over and over, start becoming conditioned to hearing their false assertions…and after years of this, many start to mistakenly believe it as “fact”…simply because it has become a normal thing for them to hear.

It’s a diversion, yes…but it’s also a long term war, employing psychological warfare.

Many of them legitimately want this end result…banning or shackling video games.