PRIMITIVE COOKING on the BEACH! – Catch and Cook Lobsters and Clams…

Frontier Kitchen

Date: August 19, 2019

01) PRIMITIVE COOKING on the BEACH! – Catch and Cook Lobsters and Clams

“We collect salt water clams using a shovel and then cook up our lobsters in a primitive pit covered steamed with hot rocks and seaweed.

This method of cooking is very simple, you just dig a hole, fill with hot rocks and coals, put in seaweed, whatever you want to steam, then more seaweed and cover with sand to allow to cook. We let it steam for about 30 minutes, until the lobster’s antenna popped off.

The find clams on the beach, look for a small hole made by the clam and then dig out about 6″ from the hole and down 1-2 feet. Be careful when digging that you don’t crush the shell or you will get a lot of sand inside the meat of the clam which is really bad on your teeth.

I’m not sure if this cooking is more primitive technology or bushcraft but it can be done very simply by just digging a hole and heating up hot rocks. We are digging the clams up in Maine, USA on the coast. I license to dig clams for 3 days costs around $15 and you can gather several pecks.”

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