MWF Pool Party 2019 – August 21, 2019…


Date: August 21, 2019

01) LINK

Match 1: Pop Francis VS “CrOZy” Tinothy LionCrow w Dr. Shill – 74%

Match 2: Mel Chen & Blah! Blah! Blah VS FAmos Banana & “BLue Lightning” Steve Diamond – 76%

Match 3: Peter Pan, Teddy Love & Baphomet VS Fat Fabio, Pan & Power Bob – 72%

Main Event:

Match 4: Viamund VS Pedo Bear – 53%

To avoid spoilers, you must highlight the text on this table in order to read it.

Win: Pope Francis Loss: Tinothy LionCrow
Win: Blah! Blah! Blah & Mel Chen Loss: Steve Diamond & FAmos Banana – Count Out
Win: Peter Pan, Teddy Love & Baphomet Loss: Fat Fabio, Pan & Power Bob
Main Event Match: Pedo Bear Defeats Viamund

Show Referee: Even Stephen

Tinothy LionCrow…What an UGLY…Dorothy?…

Blah! Blah! Blah! from Twitter was talking a lot of trash about Steve Diamond…so, he got invited to “the party”…

A crazed woman stole a microphone, took the middle of the ring, and started ranting and raving about Al Kinsey, and his books “Frisky Behavior in the Human Female” and “Frisky Behavior in the Human Male”…and something she calls “Frisky Anarchy”…Security “escorted” her out of the arena, but not before being bit numerous times.

Ganymede performed a striptease at the end of the event.

BEST RANKED MATCH: Mel Chen & Blah! Blah! Blah VS FAmos Banana & “BLue Lightning” Steve Diamond – 76%


1 thought on “MWF Pool Party 2019 – August 21, 2019…

  1. eqfoundation Post author

    I’m not going to lie about this one…

    Most of these matches were actually fairly good…Yet, all but one had at least one thing I hated about them.

    Matches can go any way…a low level [even “jobber” style] character can have an uncommonly good match, besting a superior.

    It makes the game great, because you never exactly know what to expect…and a loss for someone you’re trying to build up, is always a danger…but I seriously wasn’t expecting the first match to go this way…and it was the first of several turns, making this event go over like a thud.

    In part, it’s my fault…I should have removed a character entirely from the roster…Because I didn’t, I got blindsided by the game using that “out of action” character, as a run in attack…and decided to just roll with it, despite the character apparently still needing some more work [which I thought I’d done]…Something I’d planned on building into a major metamorphosis, just lost to a weak character…when I didn’t even want them back and active, yet…I’m also aborting a few brief “chapters” in their story, by allowing them back this quick.

    The manager [called “second” in the game], is obviously broken…and not patched…Otherwise, “Dr. Shill” would be interfering in the match, in several different ways…as opposed to remaining as stationary as a dead garden slug…[…yes…that is a malfunction]…

    I’ve been holding off on debuting a giant character, because the “giant” style is messed up in this game, and not working like it’s supposed to…

    Apparently…it is beyond the capabilities of the current group of people, holding stewardship of this game, to actually keep the fundamentals of the game functioning like they are supposed to, after releasing new DLC, or fixing something else…Seems like it’s “Whack-a-Mole”, with them…they fix one thing, and inadvertently end up screwing up something else in the process.

    Consequentially…this game has been remarkably unfit for recordings, during a phase or two.

    The second match was decent, but a very unsatisfying ending…The third match was fine…

    The main event was a tragedy…There is literally nothing that happened in this match, that would justify it ending so quickly…That match made no sense, and may be signaling yet another problem going on with the game.

    Over all…this was just not a good event…I guess it was average, okay.


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