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MWF Midnight Zone – August 27, 2016…


Date: August 27, 2016

01) LINK

Match 1: Pope Francis & Teddy Love VS Loli & Shota Con – 85%

Match 2: Tinothy LionCrow w Dr. Shill VS Sebastian Oliver – 79%

Special Match: [4 Way Dance – 1st Pin Wins]

Match 3: Blah! Blah! Blah! VS Pan VS Steve Diamond VS FAmos Banana – 83%

Main Event: MWF Championship

Match 4: Viamund VS Pedo Bear – 89%

To avoid spoilers, you must highlight the text on this table in order to read it.

Win: Loli & Shota Con Loss: Pope Francis & Teddy Love
Win: Tinothy LionCrow Loss: Sebastian Oliver
Special Match: [4 Way Dance] FAmos Banana forces Blah! Blah! Blah! to submit
Main Event Match: Pedo Bear Defeats Viamund

Show Referee: Midnight Bandit

Tinothy LionCrow performed as the Cowardly Lion.

Gov. MoneYes called Bliss Ransom, and demanded that he give his Grandma Judy a job in the federation…Bliss appointed her “guardian of morality” [aka another Goon position].

BEST RANKED MATCH: Viamund VS Pedo Bear – 89%


Population of One: Living Alone in an Abandoned Ghost Town…

Date: August 27, 2019

01) Population of One: Living Alone in an Abandoned Ghost Town

“Eileen Muza is the sole resident of Cisco, a former ghost town in rural Utah. Her long term dreams of starting an artist residency are being challenged by the immediate need to rebuild the town. We met up with Eileen in the early stages of her journey.”