Prehistoric Warfare and the Origins of Conflict…

Date: September 14, 2019

01) Prehistoric Warfare and the Origins of Conflict

“Hello guys and welcome back to another installment of Trey the Explainer! In this episode I discuss “war” in anthropological and biological context as I try to breakdown and understand what this tendency of ours is all about. Hope you enjoy and learn something new!

Simon Roy’s work:

War Before Civilization by Lawrence H. Keeley (1996)
Peace against war by Francis Beer (1981)
Effective sociodemographic population assessment of elusive species in ecology and conservation management by Josephine S. Head, Christophe Boesch, Martha M. Robbins, Luisa I. Rabanal, Lo€?c Makaga & Hjalmar S. K€uh (2013)
Orangutan Home Range Size and Its Determinants in a Sumatran Swamp Forest by Ian Singleton and Carel P. van Schaik (2000)
Lethal aggression in Pan is better explained by adaptive strategies than human impacts by Michael L. Wilson et al. (2014)
Evolution of Coalitionary Killing by Richard W. Wrangham (1999)
Inter-group violence among early Holocene hunter-gatherers of West Turkana, Kenya by M. Mirazón Lahr et al. (2016)
Australia’s Ancient Warriors: Changing Depictions of Fighting in the Rock Art of Arnhem Land, N.T. by Paul Taçon and Christopher Chippindale
Do Chimpanzee Wars prove violence is innate? by Rami Tzabar (2015)”

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