EWL – Test Show September 16, 2019 [Congratulations, Yure! ;-)]…


Date: September 16, 2019

01) EWL – Test Show September 13, 2019

Match 1: Reggie Dog & Merve Stud VS X Rising Sun & SpitFire Man 67%

Main Event:

Match 2: Yure GonnaGetIt VS Lord Gaylish – 86%

To avoid spoilers, you must highlight the text on this table in order to read it.

Win: Rising Sun & SpitFire Man Loss: Reggie Dog & Merve Stud
Main Event Match: Yure GonnaGetIt Defeats Lord Gaylish

Show Referee: Hal

This is just a test…posted in my base wrasslin series.

Fire Pro allows you to increase the speed of a match, up to 8 times the normal speed. I think I may try it at 4 times the normal speed, because this isn’t even enjoyable to watch…It’s just good for spitting out a representation of a match, and a match result.

My thought, is that I can use this for “dark matches”, and increase the over all matches taking place, while decreasing the time it takes and the large file sizes.

The important matches will always be at normal speed…the others may be sped up 2X, 3X or 4X…maybe 8X, for when we don’t so much care, but the match just “needs to happen”…we’ll see how this takes.

The EWL [Extraordinary Wrestling League] is one of the leagues…a very small roster…there will be several of these…They represent the independent circuit…They can also interact with each other, fluidly…

The leagues are so small, I believe you are seeing the entire EWL roster here.


Over time, I intend to scale down the MWF, and allow members of it’s roster to leave for other promotions…like the still mysterious FWF [Fabulous Wrestling Federation], or any of a number of leagues.

BEST RANKED MATCH: Yure GonnaGetIt VS Lord Gaylish – 86%


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