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Trump Breaks Record…

Date: September 20, 2019

01) Trump Breaks Record

“Trump could not stop lying at his rally in New Mexico.

RIO RANCHO, N.M. — President Donald Trump, looking to put New Mexico in play in 2020, sought to win over Hispanic voters at a rally here Monday.

The president’s pitch to Hispanic voters seemed to silo them off from the rest of the electorate, including the rally crowd (“We love our Hispanics”). It featured an assertion that they had a greater understanding of the source of the drug problem than other Americans. And it included a section in which Trump wondered how CNN contributor Steve Cortes could be Hispanic even though, the president said, he appeared to be of Northern European descent.

“He happens to be Hispanic, but I never quite figured it out because he looks more like a WASP than I do,” Trump said of Cortes, who was in the audience.

From the stage, he asked Cortes: “Who do you like more, the country or the Hispanics?” Cortes appeared to mouth “country,” to which Trump replied: “I don’t know. I may have to go for the Hispanics, to be honest with you. We got a lot of Hispanics.”

Chatting with a Virtuous Pedophile…


Date: September 20, 2019

01) Chatting with a Virtuous Pedophile

“Pedophilia (alternatively spelt paedophilia) is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children.[1][2] Although girls typically begin the process of puberty at age 10 or 11, and boys at age 11 or 12,[3] criteria for pedophilia extend the cut-off point for prepubescence to age 13.[4] A person must be at least 16 years old, and at least five years older than the prepubescent child, for the attraction to be diagnosed as pedophilia.[4][5]

Pedophilia is termed pedophilic disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), and the manual defines it as a paraphilia involving intense and recurrent sexual urges towards and fantasies about prepubescent children that have either been acted upon or which cause the person with the attraction distress or interpersonal difficulty.[4] The International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) defines it as a “sustained, focused, and intense pattern of sexual arousal—as manifested by persistent sexual thoughts, fantasies, urges, or behaviours—involving pre-pubertal children.” – wikipedia”

There is plenty of issue that needs to be taken with that description…

…and I don’t think I am ever going to get past, anyone saying that intergenerational sexual relations is “rightly stigmatized”.

Pedophilia is different from pedophilic disorder. You can be a pedophile, and not have pedophilic disorder.

Pedophilic disorder, is when pedophilia causes you such distress, that it stops you from being able to live your life…It’s not merely being a pedophile.

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MWF Matrix Mash – September 20, 2019…


Date: September 20, 2019

01) LINK

Match 1: Pope Francis VS Tinothy LionCrow with Dr. Shill – 73%

Match 2: Sacred Cow & Wildabeast VS Loli & Shota Con – 83% [Tag Team Championship]

Match 3: Mel Chen VS FAmos Banana – 74%

Main Event:

Magnificent Championship:

Match 4: Pan VS Pedo Bear – 66%

To avoid spoilers, you must highlight the text on this table in order to read it.

Win: Tinothy LionCrow Loss: Pope Francis
Win: Loli & Shota Con Loss: Sacred Cow & Wildabeast
Win: FAmos Banana Loss: Mel Chen
Main Event Match: Pedo Bear Defeats Pan

Show Referee: Midnight Bandit

Viamund & Steve Diamond took the ring to anounce the upcoming Frontier Pro Wrassling FreeSpeechTube Tour!

Nasty Grandma Judy interrupted, screaming about all the “frisky anarchy in this cess pit”, and sent a mob into the ring to attack, including Commissioner Ransom and his goons!

BEST RANKED MATCH: Sacred Cow & Wildabeast VS Loli & Shota Con – 83%