Use Natural Climate Solutions To Protect Nature – Extinction Rebellion…


Date: September 23, 2019

01) Use Natural Climate Solutions To Protect Nature – Extinction Rebellion

“Right now, we are ignoring #NaturalClimateSolutions. We spend 1000 times more on global fossil fuel subsidies than on natural based solutions. This is your money, it is your taxes, and your savings.” – @GretaThunberg

#NatureNow @GeorgeMonbiot

Recent research has indicated that living ecosystems like forests, mangroves, swamps and seabeds can pull enormous quantities of carbon from the air and store them safely. Estimates have found that protecting these natural systems could provide more than a third of the emissions reductions needed to keep to global heating below 1.5 degrees Celsius while also enhancing the resilience of people and nature across the world to climate change.

Despite this promise, Natural Climate Solutions receive only around 2% of the funding spent on climate change mitigation globally, and few have heard about it. This short, independent film was made to make nature a part of the climate conservation.

Mr. Monbiot, a political journalist, author and activist who founded the Natural Climate Solutions campaign earlier this year, stated, “The beautiful thing about Natural Climate Solutions is that they simultaneously repair the climate and our damaged ecosystems. They offer real hope where hope was scarce before. But they are not a substitute for leaving fossil fuels in the ground. We need to do both to avert climate breakdown.”

Produced by Gripping Films Ltd., an independent London-based science and nature film company that specializes in telling positive stories to change the world, the film is High Impact/Low Carbon footprint. The film team minimized their carbon footprint by using public transportation to travel from London to Sweden to film Greta and electric vehicles to film George. The film was mainly composed from recycled and donated Creative-Commons licensed footage. The remaining carbon footprint was offset through NCS investments.

The film’s production costs were covered with sponsorship from Conservation International, The Food and Land Use Coalition, and a donation from Gower Street. Musician and performance artist Rone donated use of his track, Motion, to the film.

Tom Mustill, head of Gripping Films, an independent production company specialising in stories of where people and nature meet, said: “One of the things that made me want to immediately make this film, gave me hope that we can make something quickly and that people would find it interesting and listen, was the success of Extinction Rebellion. Being part of that and seeing how many people of all generations can be engaged with it, gave me the courage to step out of the normal way of making films which is to get funding first and then get someone to broadcast it. We just thought, let’s go for it, and hopefully people will want to see it.”


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