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Naked Science – Loch Ness…


Date: October 07, 2019

01) Naked Science – Loch Ness

“Naked Science investigates the truth behind the legend.

The legend of the Loch Ness monster dates back 1500 years. Since then, 1000 eye witnesses, countless photographs, sonar records and films have testified to the existence of a Loch Ness monster. Yet despite extensive exploration, observation and scientific analysis, still no real evidence has been discovered.

This documentary starts off charting the early history of the legend. From the first sighting by St Columba in 565AD, to the ‘Spicer’ sighting that kicked off the modern legend in 1933 and the world famous ‘Surgeon’s Photo’ from 1934 that captured what appeared to be a head and neck emerging from Loch Ness. From the ‘Surgeon’s Photo’, the press, frenzied public and scientific observers soon concluded that the creature living in the loch was a long-extinct dinosaur called a plesiosaur. A preposterous suggestion it would seem. However Naked Science profiles the coelacanth. A fish thought to be extinct 80 million years ago but discovered in 1938, to much surprise, living off the coast of Madagascar.

But even if it was a dinosaur from the Triassic period, how on earth did it get into the loch? Loch Ness was gouged into today’s U shape valley by a series of glaciers that last melted 11,000 years ago, long after the extinction of the dinosaurs. Naked Science profiles the geology of the loch and examines whether the sea has ever intruded into the loch perhaps carrying an unknown creature in with it.

After decades of intense observation of the surface of the loch by volunteer monster-hunters from around the world, in the late 60s Adrian Shine, skeptic, naturalist and leader of the Loch Ness Project arrived on the scene. He took a different tactic. Rather than search for a big monster, he looked for creatures just 100th of an inch in diameter, zooplankton. A monster brood hiding out in the loch would need plenty of zooplankton, to support plenty of fish, who in turn could support large creatures. Naked Science examines this ecology for clues. We also discover there are internal waves called seiches, mirages, local wildlife, large fish such as sturgeon, floating logs, boat wakes and strong winds that could all have their place in provoking monster sightings.

But what of all the photographic evidence? The most famous moving image of the Loch Ness monster is the so-called Dinsdale film of 1960. At the time Britain’s foremost photographic analysis experts concluded it was an animate creature. Using high spec imagery analysis we show how the famous Dinsdale film was most probably a helmsman in a boat. Likewise we demonstrate that the McNab photo of 1955 could also be a boat wake. Naked Science reveals that the notorious ‘Surgeon’s Photo’ was actually a hoax. We show how in 1933 big game-hunter Marmaduke Wetherell planted some footprints on the loch side and passed them off as the monster. Humiliated when his first hoax was discovered, Wetherell’s revenge was the ‘Surgeon’s Photo’. In a reconstruction, we show how easy it was for him to fabricate a monster from a toy submarine and reveal how the hoax remained a secret for 50 years. Finally we look at the most unique theory by Italian geologist Dr Piccardi, that earth tremors along the Great Glen fault provoke water disturbance that are mistaken for monsters thrashing around in the water.”


Positive Sex Ed for your child at home…

Date: October 07, 2019

01) Positive Sex Ed for your child at home

“It’s often said that there is no handbook for raising kids. Such is even truer when it comes to a child’s sexual behavior and development.

Though sex education, in general, has improved in some schools, psychologist Toni Cavanagh Johnson says in her book Understanding Children’s Sexual Behaviors that most schools still just instruct about “plumbing.” My impression is a bit worse.

Over the years, my college students say that sex education for kids is more like a horror movie: what diseases look like and why not to engage in any sexual behavior. When I ask my students if they were ever taught about healthy sexuality or positive sex, they look at me puzzled. In my 16 years of teaching, only one student said they learned about sex in a positive way.

Yet in a study published by CQ Researcher showed that when kids were told the truth about sexuality and were taught about healthy sex, choices, and boundaries, sexual activity among high school kids dropped by 40%, and those that did choose to engage made much smarter and careful choices.

I understand that some parents may cringe when they hear the words child and sexuality put together; however, Cavanagh Johnson notes that such sexual development starts under three, and how parents handle these stages is critical: 3 and under, 4-9 years, and 10-12 years.

So often, parents think that only older kids become interested in each other during adolescence and that having interest when kids are younger is a sign that something is wrong. This is not true. For example, a book I used with my own children It’s So Amazing! A Book About Eggs, Sperm, Birth, Babies, and Families was extremely helpful in helping my kids in an age appropriate way to understand how the body works, reproduces, and what a girl and boy can expect when reaching puberty.”

Will Trump Take The Country Down With Him?…

Date: October 06, 2019

01) Will Trump Take The Country Down With Him?

“Will Trump Refuse to Surrender?

Donald Trump is already taking his party

Donald Trump models himself off some of history’s worst leaders and many, including a Thom Hartmann caller, are worried he is going to take the country down with him, just like the leaders he admires so much did with their countries and cults.

We all need to consider what happens if Trump tries to take his followers with him.”