FPW FreeSpeechTube Tour – October 15, 2019…


Date: October 15, 2019

01) FPW FreeSpeechTour – October 15, 2019

02) On FreeSpeechTube

Match 1: Screaming Wolf & T. Baggins VS Max Kenton & ATOM – 86%

Special Match: [Battle Royal]

Match 2: Viamund, FAmos Banana, Steve Diamond, Yure GonnaGetIt, Norbert Justice, Giant Pete, Leon Shaman & Captain Condom – 100%

Main Event: [FWF Tag Championship]

Match 3: Ben Adick & Mr. TeeTee VS LOVE & HATE – 100%

To avoid spoilers, you must highlight the text on this table in order to read it.

Win: Screaming Wolf & T. Baggins Loss: Max Kenton & ATOM
Special Match: [Battle Royal] Yure GonnaGetIt wins the battle royal!
Main Event Match: Ben Adick & Mr. TeeTee Defeat LOVE & HATE

Show Referee: Midnight Bandit

Dr. Reisman decided that she just must suspend someone without pay, and started throwing darts at pictures of the roster…as Nasty Judy is such a poor aim, a rogue dart pierced into the forehead of Haggas, who let out a screech.

Nasty Judy bellowed, “GET OUT, YOU DEGEERATE!”…

…”You’ll pay for this!”, swore Haggas, as she stumbled out the door.

BEST RANKED MATCH: The battle royal and main event were both – 100%


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