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Ed Gein (The Real Leatherface) – Serial killer documentary…


Date: October 27, 2019

01) Ed Gein (The Real Leatherface) – Serial killer documentary

“Ed Gein was a notorious killer and grave robber. He inspired the creation of several film characters, including Norman Bates (‘Psycho’), Jame Gumb (‘The Silence of the Lambs’), Leatherface (‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’) and the new Leatherface (2017).

Obsessively devoted to his mother until her death in 1945, Gein never left home or dated women. After she died, he became increasingly deranged and eventually began prowling cemeteries to unearth recently buried female corpses. He would cut off body parts and keep them as trophies, returning the corpses seemingly undisturbed to their graves. In 1954, Ed Gein turned from grave robbing to murder, a task he was less meticulous about. Police implicated him in the murders of two women in 1957. During the investigations, police learned that he had practiced necrophilia and experimented with human taxidermy.

That same year, Gein pleaded not guilty by reason by insanity. He was found unfit to stand trial and committed to a mental hospital for criminals. Nearly ten years later, he would be declared fit to stand trial and was ultimately found guilty of murder. He was confined in various criminal psychiatric institutions, including the Central State Hospital in Wisconsin and the Mendota Mental Health Institute, where he died of respiratory and heart failure due to cancer, on July 26, 1984, at age 77.”


Trump Says The ‘Phony’ Constitution ‘Doesn’t Matter’ Because He’s ‘Rich’…

Date: October 27, 2019

01) Trump Says The ‘Phony’ Constitution ‘Doesn’t Matter’ Because He’s ‘Rich’

“In a stunning reversal, Trump has decided not to host the global summit at his Florida property, after pushback from Democrats and Republicans who found the decision to be in violation of the emoluments clause. Richard Painter, former chief White House ethics lawyer, believes Trump’s behavior is ‘unconstitutional,’ and argues his ‘understanding of the emoluments clause is wrong.’ Aired on 10/21/19.”

JCS – Criminal Psychology…


Date: October 27, 2019

01) JCS – Criminal Psychology

“Forensic Psychology, True Crime, & Social Science Channel”

I found this really interesting channel I had to share with you. I think it is very useful and instructive.

It shows videos of first interrogations [“interviews”] on suspects, by cops…It also salts in explanations of tactics being used, and why they are used.

These are highly educational, for anyone wondering what all a cop can get away with…Essentially, they can lie their asses off with impunity…and it can all still be used against the suspect.

For sure…it is likely most of the people being “interviewed” in these videos did something horrendous…But do keep in mind…these practices are used against people who fall on the wrong side of unjust laws, also.

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