New Fire Pro DLC!…



Date: October 28, 2019

[DLC = Download Content…They are the modern version of expansion packs.]

There is a new Fire Pro DLC about to release [October 30th!]…I think this makes number 7…and they’re finally adding more venues into the game! This is going to be awesome!

So long as they made this DLC good…the entrances should be a lot more interesting, as well.

I expect there may be a handful of new moves soon…if not with this DLC, then with a free update.

Hopefully, there will be more included…and more DLCs to come…I love that they keep expanding and improving on this game. I know at least one more DLC is promised…but they’re sometimes surprising us with new DLCs…and this one came out of nowhere…So, who knows how many more of these we will get.

Outdoor Venue:


City Gym:


Dome Stadium:


The base game comes with six different venues [most of which I’ve not actually used in my e-fed, yet]…So, this kicks things up to nine.


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