What is a Voice with a Face Worth?…

Date: October 28, 2019

Incidentally, I am glad recently-added content of a guy demanding money was removed from FreeSpeechTube. Surely not the place for aggressive messages. – feinmann0

I hope this is not to much of a jumble…It’s just some thoughts…and I’ve probably forgotten to include a thing or two.

I do see that that video was taken down, presumably by the person who made and posted it [Leon].

I think it is best not to approach things that way…yet, I didn’t want to tread to far over things…and wanted to see how others would react.

I did not leave any comment on the video, but was checking on the comments to see if anybody else was leaving feedback…I only ever saw one comment…it was pointing out money/financial gain as a motive.

This movement [or whatever you want to call it] is a marathon…it’s not a sprint…it’s not a hurricane…it’s very slow, and persistent…we don’t expect abrupt change…So, it’s often jarring whenever new faces arrive, who’ve decided they are “the future” of our movement, as the rest of us who’ve been here for years and decades are still watching to see if they will prove themselves…and establish that they actually do belong here, among us.

It takes a lot to earn trust…

…So many of us have been burned in the past…It’s not easy to get embraced, in all of this.

Personally…I’ve seen way to many “heroes”, shakers and movers in the “community”…who’ve provided something unique and exciting…and garnered a following…just to watch them go down in flames [often taking others with them], because they were doing something reckless and/or illegal behind everyone’s back.

This does severe damage to the community, as well as to the movement…Which is why it really bothers me, when I see anyone entering the scene, who’s willing to engage in “red flag” behavior.

This is my primary pause, where it comes to Amos Yee…

We aren’t out here, just waiting to be subjected to another imposed train wreck, which we will be stuck dealing with…We don’t want it…and we don’t need it.

I don’t know why Amos is thought to be so relevant or important, or knowledgeable…or why what he has done, is allegedly worth being paid for…

That being said…I’m not sure why Leon thought including Amos in all of this, was a plus…It’s actually a strong negative, in my mind.

Demanding/Asking for Money:

This movement has existed and advanced, based off of selfless sacrifice from numerous people, who act because they believe in us as a culture of people, and who believe in what we are doing.

It never crossed most of our minds to ask for money…and certainly not to expect any sort of life sustaining “career” off of it…In fact, it’s always been a foregone conclusion in my mind, that I would solely spend money on this pursuit…not that any money would ever come back to me…And I’ve always thought that, given the position we are in, this is what we must do…It’s what the circumstances demand of us.

I’m not against anyone asking for money…or even trying to carve an income out of this, somehow…But that is a really hard sell…and it goes against the normal flow of this activism.

I do agree with someone I was talking with recently, who said that a media producing MAP needs to be financially supported by a group of MAPs…hence un-tethering them from the usual things which bring down public MAPs…

…The thing is…that MAP structure needs to exist first…and even then, it needs to be able to set forth what it wants and needs, and to vet out it’s prospects…

People simply arriving and declaring themselves “our new public face”, circumvents what really needs to take place…and we cannot just expect people to be saddled with that.

We Aren’t So Desperate:

Sometimes I get the feeling, that people expect the rest of us to fall all over ourselves as we are rushing to give them money, resources, love and praise, based on the sole “commodity” of them being willing to say “pedophilia should be legalized” while on camera.

…They don’t take into account, all of us who’ve already been where they currently are…Those of us who’ve evolved away from that sort of direct confrontation, into something more niche…even just something that supports the MAP community, and promotes it’s healthy growth.

They also don’t take into account, what so many of us have learned long ago…If you’re good at media, this confrontational style may be productive among open minded MAPs and rebels…but it’s going to be lost on the masses.

This is why many of us older MAPs are chameleons, and behave in more covert ways.

I respect and appreciate anyone who puts themselves out there, and speaks truth about our issues…But I’m not so wowed by it, that I’m going to throw money at everyone who does it…I’m probably more likely to get my old, dusty ass in front of a microphone, and start making my own media again, and putting my funds towards that project, than I am to send my finite money away to someone else.

I Like Leon:

At the same time…I do recognize that Leon brings some very fine things to the table…and I do get the sense, that it might be good for the community to support him.

Just gut instinct there.

I like the way he presents himself…I like his confidence…I like his dedication to factual information…I like his voice and speaking skills…

I do wish he weren’t so into conspiracy theories…but…this movement takes all sorts, to make it work…right?

I Don’t Have Anything Concrete to Say About This:

…If they can justify it…people are free to make income, from whatever circumstances they find themselves in…I’m not going to imply it’s wrong…

…but I don’t know of anyone, who’s actually succeeded in doing it…and I would not attempt it, myself.

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