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The History of Original Dungeons & Dragons – D&D System Analysis…


Date: November 06, 2019

01) The History of Original Dungeons & Dragons – D&D System Analysis

“In this episode we introduce another new format as we discuss an entire D&D system and it’s history. This episode focuses on the original edition of D&D, the one that is often referred to as edition zero. Come learn about the origins of many early D&D concepts such as levels, classes, and THAC0.

Music: Telengard (Avalon Hill), Ultima III: Exodus (Origin Systems)

Random Clips: Ethan Gilsdorf (Gygax House), Sci-Fi Channel (Masters of Fantasy), Dungeonmaster Mark (60 Minutes), jason dandy, David Pretty, WASD20 (White Box), Brandon Parker (3d6 in Order), KallistraLTD (Agincourt), Grim2 (AD&D Commercial), Javier Murillo (D&D Collection), GamersOnGames (Basic Commercial),

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