The History of Original Dungeons & Dragons – D&D System Analysis…


Date: November 06, 2019

01) The History of Original Dungeons & Dragons – D&D System Analysis

“In this episode we introduce another new format as we discuss an entire D&D system and it’s history. This episode focuses on the original edition of D&D, the one that is often referred to as edition zero. Come learn about the origins of many early D&D concepts such as levels, classes, and THAC0.

Music: Telengard (Avalon Hill), Ultima III: Exodus (Origin Systems)

Random Clips: Ethan Gilsdorf (Gygax House), Sci-Fi Channel (Masters of Fantasy), Dungeonmaster Mark (60 Minutes), jason dandy, David Pretty, WASD20 (White Box), Brandon Parker (3d6 in Order), KallistraLTD (Agincourt), Grim2 (AD&D Commercial), Javier Murillo (D&D Collection), GamersOnGames (Basic Commercial),

Video Game Clips: ProJared (Order of the Griffon, Pool of Radiance), Ben102938, Mmrrggll (World of Warcraft), StoneMonkWisdom (Final Fantasy I), RPG Limit Break (Final Fantasy II), XepaLP (Final Fantasy X), shiranaivideo (Final Fantasy IX), SeijinMahoutsukai, TF Squad (Final Fantasy Tactics), MrRokWar (Final Fantasy Tactics Advance), VixyNyan (Shadow Over Mystara), TASVideosChannel (Super Robin Hood), Official Best of NES (Ultima III: Exodus), WorldofLongplays (Warcraft III), MrLlamaSC (Diablo II), Beat em up Master (Tekken 3) rock962000 (Skyrim),”


5 thoughts on “The History of Original Dungeons & Dragons – D&D System Analysis…

  1. Yure

    Well, the only RPG system I have played consistently is GURPS: Generic Universal Role-Playing System. Which I play since age 12. And happens to be my favorite system. I played D&D 5.0, but I didn’t like it much. I also played 3D&T. And several home brew systems. But GURPS is still the best. I have only played it’s 4th Edition, but I wanna give 3rd a try someday.
    By the way, I almost always play a child. Which is perfectly possible. One of the local GMs ran a dimension travel game and I played a psychic child, capable of extra sensorial perception (ESP, Titus Rivas can probably explain this better than us).

    1. eqfoundation Post author


      I’ll have to look into GURPS.

      I don’t really do group games, anymore…and never actually did, with games like these…but they always fascinated me.

      AD&D is largely a nostalgia thing to me, anymore…Even if you didn’t play it, it was still very visibly out there during the eighties.

      As I think I’ve written about previously, I was into the AD&D SSI video games of the time. This allowed me to indulge, on a private and discrete level…Which was important, given the circumstances I grew up in.


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