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MWF Tough Turkey! – November 28, 2019…


Date: November 28, 2019

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Match 1: Fat Fabio VS Baphomet – 82%

Match 2: FAmos Banana & Pedo Bear VS Loli & Shota Con – 87%

Match 3: Tinothy LionCrow W/ Dr. Shill VS A Suprise Debut – 68%

Main Event:

Match 4: Viamund & Steve Diamond VS Bliss Ransom – 62%

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Win: Fat Fabio Loss: Baphomet
Win: Loli & Shota Con Loss: FAmos Banana & Pedo Bear
Win: Tinothy LionCrow Loss: Nigel O
Main Event Match: Viamund & Steve Diamond Defeat Bliss Ransom

Show Referee: Devlin

Viamund & Steve Diamond could not decide who would get to fight Bliss first…so they took him on, together! After trying to avoid them all night, they finally cornered Bliss!

BEST RANKED MATCH: FAmos Banana & Pedo Bear VS Loli & Shota Con – 87%