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I am Part of the Open and Honest MAP Community…


Date: December 01, 2019

My first loyalty is to the honest pursuit of truth.

I am not bothered over who becomes offended, because of this honest pursuit of truth.

I reject dogma, and hold no loyalty to groups which propagate dogma.

This also means that I know, and accept, that an awful lot of things in this world are not going to be liked, by an awful lot of people…

…and yet…this stops nothing which is true, from being true.

Nobody is obliged to apologize, for discussing what is true.


The Inner Chronicle of What We Are – Understanding Werner Herzog…


Date: December 01, 2019

01) The Inner Chronicle of What We Are – Understanding Werner Herzog

“In this extensive review of the work of Werner Herzog, I examine the philosophy beneath his unique approach to filmmaking, and explore the significance of the many stories he brought home from faraway lands.”