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Frontier Tool Shed

Date: December 13, 2019


“Save money on your heating cost and use this easy way to make free heat from scrap paper :)”

Neat video, but it should be cautioned…those plastic crates “behind convenience stores” are normally the property of a supplier, and they’re out there waiting to be picked up by said supplier, for their own perpetual use.

If you decide “it’s okay to help yourself to one [or more]”, you might find that the cops have been called and you’re being charged with theft.

Just go to a store that carries crates for sale, and spend the few dollars to get one of your own…Leave the nasty store crates where they are…They are not being thrown away, nor left out for public claiming.

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Happy Friday the 13th!…

Date: December 13, 2019

Without fail, another one of these occasions has sneaked up on me.

I’d have liked to have used this, for one of my more silly projects…but, oh well…

I’m kind of getting buried by everything, right now…I have to much going on, amidst to many things planned…

I’ve been sick a lot since October, and there have been a lot of shake ups at work, demanding a lot of hours worked…I’ve been reeling from that for a while.

I’m trying to get back to normality.