What ISD Is – What ISD Is Not…


January 10, 2020

What ISD Is:

In Self Defense, is a distinct project unto itself. It is not Our Love Frontier, and Our Love Frontier is not In Self Defense.

It is the public diary of a homosexual pedophile, who is attracted to boys roughly aged seven through twelve…That homosexual pedophile is myself.

What is offered here, is a vast amount of my writings, recordings and media, which I’ve produced and published over the last 20 years…and the last 15 years, in general.

Much of it has some direct connection to my life and existence as a homosexual pedophile…Much of it does not, and is more of a general expression on world and social issues.

I am offering my insights…and a factual, long term recording of the thoughts and mind, of someone who actually lives this existence.

I am alive today, right now…and I am seizing my chance to make a difference in this world, by engaging with it…and infusing one homosexual pedophiles voice into the public dialogue.

What ISD Is Not:

In Self Defense is not here to convince you of anything.

I do not hold your hand, here…I do not spoon feed you anything…I do not expect you to praise me for it…I do not expect you to read it all…I do not expect you to come away from reading it, with any specific change to your worldview…

I don’t expect you to end up thinking, just exactly as I think.

I do not pour over research…nor do I analyze studies…There are others who are much more competent at this, than myself…and you should visit the EQF Community Links, if you are sincerely searching for that sort of thing.

I make no claims to speak for any other Minor Attracted Person.


What is here, is human expression which hopefully makes clear my morals, ethics, rational and conclusions…and stands as testimony that we MAPs do have good, sound morals, ethics, rational and conclusions…and that we live decent, honest lives, worthy of respect.

People will make of it what they will. I expect that the majority of people will reject it, outright…and this body of work does not exist for those people.

It exists for those who are genuinely searching…not just for a meaning in this sort of existence…but searching for viable ways we can live together in peace, and combat true sexual brutality.

Ultimately…though I have written enormous amounts just to “get things out”, and at times deal with my own frustrations with the world around me…I’ve published it, and kept writing, to offer thoughtful dialogue starters, which anyone can use to begin discussing issues related to MAPs…or just the broader world we live in and share.


4 thoughts on “What ISD Is – What ISD Is Not…

  1. Yure

    I figured that by looking at the thing’s name, “In Self-Defense”. I imagined it was just you responding to stuff, not really being, like, “preachy”, for lack of a better word.


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