Sexting study shows kids starting before they even turn 13…


Date: January 15, 2020

01) Sexting study shows kids starting before they even turn 13

“Nearly 40 percent of children have either received and/or sent a “sext” by the age of 13, the study conducted by parenting app Jiminy found.

“Sexting is quickly becoming a normative form of sexual exploration among preteens and teens,” the study read…

Not only does sexting start early, the study found that it is also fairly common. As early as 8 years old, more than one in 10 kids with smartphones will become exposed to sexting, the study found. By 13, more than a third of children who have a smartphone will be exposed.

However, the study found that sexting starts earlier for girls. Over 15 percent of 8-year-old girls were exposed to sexting while only 5.9 percent of 8-year-old boys were exposed.

By 16, 44.4 percent of girls were participating in sexting compared to 36.8 percent of boys.

Part of these explicit chats include sending explicit pictures or videos otherwise known as “nudes.” These types of requests are common in mid-adolescence for both genders, with one in three children, according to the study. By 13 years old, 24 percent of children were asked to send nudes or requested them.

Overall, the numbers indicated that the practice of sexting is mostly mutual. The study found nearly 60 percent of sexting was willingly sent by both parties for children between 10 and 17 years old.


Wanting to see others naked, and sometimes even be seen naked, is actually rather normal…if taboo.

There are tons of young kids who’ve been in major movies, entirely stark naked…

Honestly…I don’t see what people are losing their minds over…It’s normal behavior to be naked…It’s normal to be seen, while naked…

It’s normal to be curious, about others naked bodies.

I’d love to know how many eight, nine and ten year old boys are sexting…I’ll bet it’s quite a large group.


9 thoughts on “Sexting study shows kids starting before they even turn 13…

  1. octaevius

    Tell us something We don’t know! You should have seen what Instagram was like before a massive campaign of banning and deleting accounts of young boys and girls who actively posted and liked positive feedback on some strikingly erotic selfies. You will not see their like today as they get banned almost instantly just as the censorship that Google/Youtube began a few years back. I suspect this is why Google Coomunities/Sites was closed.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I never really used Instagram, but this news does not shock me.

      Wherever you get a lot of children and teens, you’re going to see many of them behaving in a sexual manner.

      All the “powers that be” ever do is censor it, and pretend that it’s “unnatural”, and/or “it does not happen”.

      People who imagine this is not a thing, are deluded.

      The kids spontaneously do it, on their own accord…without even being asked to.

      It’s one of the reasons I don’t hang around in those types of groups…you don’t know what you’ll encounter, nor how legally compromising it will be.

  2. feinmann0

    Ho Ho Ho! Steve, you used the word ‘normal’ four times above, and I totally agree with you. Society has become so pathologically hysterical over child sexual abuse and stranger-danger that they have find it incomprehensible that children might actually have the self-same desires to those of the strangers. Society has attempted to create a different species out of children, whilst all along they were just Mini-Mes.

    Kids will always find a way to circumvent a barrier to take a risk if they truly want the thing that is denied them. Human nature is too great a force to be subdued easily and this study clearly demonstrates that sexual desire kicks in well within the pre-pubescent phase of human development.

    “I’d love to know how many eight, nine and ten year old boys are sexting…I’ll bet it’s quite a large group.” From what I ‘understand’, this age group is sizeable and uses every possible technical resource to engage in every conceivable sexual behaviour before their peers. Kind of highlights how inhumane the world’s age of consent laws are, but then Puritanism already has so much to answer for.

    I wonder what new draconian devices will be dreamt up by our Puritan leaders to punish all those perverted pre-pubescents for daring to behave normally?

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      One thing I am really loving about the internet, is that it is exposing the reality of human sexuality…most especially as relates to prepubescent human beings.

      The cat is out of the bag…and they cannot keep it hidden.

      I’ll tell you…I’ve always thought of everything sexual which happens to us [aside from literal rape and molestation], to be a manifestation of our sexuality, entirely regardless of when it happens in our lives.

      It makes no sense to dismiss or demote it, just because it happened during an early phase of our life…It’s still an undeniable part of our sexuality…and I think prepubescent, childhood sexuality is especially of relevance to males…as we hit our sexual peak average at such a young age.

      I’ve always considered it foul and inhumane, that male sexuality at it’s peak, is essentially against the law. It is something which is, frankly, robbed of us…and we are severely punished, if we dare taste it.

      A very ugly, cruel side of human beings.


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