Youth Liberation – Rare Documentaries Videos on FreeSpeechTube…


Date: January 21, 2020

01) Youth Liberation – Rare Documentaries Videos on FreeSpeechTube

From now forward, I am just going to be posting a direct link to the account hosting videos posted by Youth Liberation.

They have a history of deleting videos, and their own accounts.

Possibly, there is a valid reason for this practice…but I simply cannot keep up with the pace, at which they post content…nor the stress of realizing how many of my posts here have been rendered dead, because of these deletions.

I’m leaving that treadmill behind.

Happy exploring!

I would have normally walked away from anyone else doing this, by now…

Youth Liberation is clearly a sincere, good person…and a torch bearer of uncommonly good [usually censored] media/information.

This is why I think they are worth the attention.

I’m not angry, though it has been repeatedly frustrating…most especially when it was clear they made the personal decision to delete their own content.

Some deletions were censorship, imposed by YouTube, etc.

I just don’t have it in me anymore, to keep making posts dedicated to individual pieces of media…when I have no faith that they are going to remain accessible, for a substantial amount of time.

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