Andrew Yang on Real Time with Bill Maher (Full Interview)…

Date: January 25, 2020

01) Andrew Yang on Real Time with Bill Maher (Full Interview)

“Andrew joins Bill Maher on Real Time to talk about what sets him apart from other candidates, including his focus on solving the real problems that got Donald Trump elected and how’s he going to bring the country together in an economy that works for us.”

What I am hoping for Andrew Yang, is that this is not the last presidential campaign he is in. I don’t expect him to win in 2020…but I want him as an option, in coming elections.

If we get Bernie in the white house, we don’t know how long he will be there…not at his age…It’s a tragedy he was not elected in 2016, and that he is not running as an incumbent…We’ve lost both those years, and the ground setting for something constructive and better.

I see Yang as currently kind of being where Bernie was in 2016…and now that he and his ideas have been introduced to the public…and they’ve turned out to be popular among the young…the writing is really on the wall…and he may be a big part of the future in U.S. politics…so long as he remains active.

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