Since I Have a History of Informing Viewers of This Blog Whenever It is Being Threatened: [T-G]…

About This Series

Date: January 25, 2020

A Mercy Editing:

At the request of Yure, I have reconsidered.

As circumstances have turned into a hardship for [T-G], I have decided to change the titles and URLs of all posts including his actual name…This does not mean every instance of his full name has been removed from this blog.

MAPs do have a general right to know about [T-G]’s comments…and I am not going to be editing the comments of other MAPs, in regards to this.

I still see this chore as being futile, given the ways [T-G] has already put himself out there [including on video]…It’s primarily a gesture of mercy.

[T-G] has taken it upon himself to suggest that he can get Our Love Frontier taken down, and has expressed an intention to make such an attempt, if I do not “bend the knee” and relent to his sudden demand that I remove reference to him from this blog…a whole two posts, published November 10, 2018 [not it’s original published date] and October 15, 2018, discussing a sort of summit between MAPs, male sexualists and incels [and the aftermath of that summit], hosted by [T-G] on his blog.

[T-G] is free to leave whatever activism he has submerged himself into, in the past.

He is not free, however, to dictate to others whether they can post their own content, post quotations under fair use, or keep accurate historical documentations of events on their website/blog.

I initially offered to redact [T-G]’s name, but here is the issue…

…There is a domino effect, if I am actually going to remove [T-G]’s name in any meaningful way. It makes no sense for me to bother removing his name in text, when the audio file still speaks his name…Depending whether I’ve saved certain files associated with this [I usually do not], this can easily turn into something akin to an afternoon project…and not the “45 seconds”, [T-G] presumes will be involved…because I’ll have to remake the audio file, on top of everything else.

It’s ridiculous for me to bother removing his name in text, when his name is still going to be present.

It is also ridiculous for me to bother removing/editing a whole two posts [out of the 6355 other posts published here], just because they name [T-G]…when there are any number of other blogs and websites which mention [T-G], and can be quickly found by a google search for “[their name]”…some of them very uncharitable to [T-G], particularly in comparison to what I have published here [which is down right kind, and at worst indifferent]. Seriously…if someone wants to look into [T-G]’s past, they’re going to find it…and it would be better to stumble upon it, when at least presented by someone who is not publishing a hatchet piece on [T-G].

In addition, as feinmann0 points out…there is an integrity issue, and MAPs do have a right to know what [T-G], a guy who once attempted to form some type of alliance with us, says thinks and does in the aftermath.

[T-G] is not going to gut the substance out of that post, by trying to strong arm me into censoring the point that it was about himself.

I no longer do a whole lot of writing about MAP issues myself, either [not for the past few years]…which is among the reasons I can get really ornery, when people try to push me into taking something down or censoring it…I wont likely ever write anything to replace it, at this point in my life…So, if I created it and decided it’s worthy and I want it published…then I want it published, and available.

If I’ve made any factual errors, I am happy enough to correct them…But I don’t need some outsider deciding that he/she can self appoint themselves, as my editor…or remove things from this blog, which they deem inconvenient to themselves.

To put things into perspective…

There are well over six thousand posts published on this blog…The number of individual people I have named, quoted and discussed on this blog, is probably somewhere between three thousand and five thousand…maybe even far more.

In the seven years I have been on WordPress, plus the two years on blog com, plus the one year I was on BayWords…Our Love Frontier has garnered only one noteworthy outburst, from someone who I was actually being very generous towards.

Nothing I have ever done on this blog, has ever been posted out of bad intent…It has always come out of a spirit of constructiveness, and education.

Sure…a lot of drive by threats have been thrown about…and a few crazies with large followings, have also waged loud campaigns to get Our Love Frontier taken down…

…But, ultimately…what I do here on this blog, is perfectly in line with what anybody else does with a blog…I’m just doing it from the perspective, of a homosexual pedophile.

So…I suppose [T-G] can complain to WordPress…He can try to invent some type of “infraction” I’m allegedly committing against the TOS…But, fact is…Wordpress has not found my activities here to be a problem, for the last seven years…and there have been people complaining all along.


…Your threat is impotent…and I am not intimidated in the least…I have no concern about being removed, over “the sin” of having published your name, along with thousands of other names…when it was done in full compliance, with respectable social standards, and for the purpose of discussing issues of relevance to the MAP community.

Go cry to WordPress…file your frivolous complaint…

…And let this post serve as notice to all of my audience, that this is how you roll…and even though it is not going to happen, if Our Love Frontier did get suspended, it is you have made this threat…and you are among the people, who would have chosen to actively do this to a long standing MAP activist, and a relevant resource in the MAP community.

For me…unless I die…I am going to still be here, posting things a year from now…maybe even ten years from now…on this very same blog.

Get over yourself, [T-G].

– Steve Diamond 01) [T-G] # 1

“It’s Tom. Can you please remove this page, and also this: one? I’ve completely dropped out of activism and don’t want to be associated with any of this anymore…”

No, I will not.

It takes me some time and effort, not only to compose these, but also to encode my posts into audio recordings.

I posted them here, because there is something relevant in them…I’ve included them [one explicitly] in my “In Self Defense” project. They are my writings, historical at this point.

I was addressing you [and your content], through the name you publicly chose to be known and addressed by.

I am not deleting or re-doing my posts.

At most, I might redact your name from the printed version of these, when I get the time and inclination to do such…but don’t count on this, as it will likely mess up the URLs to these posts, also…so, I’ll have to change the ISD Index, and track down the local copies on my HD, to change those…and, no…I don’t jump through hoops for people, where it comes to this sort of thing.

It’s a very bad precedent to set. What appears here is not going to be subject to the whims of others. I will not be accepting requests, for the deletion of my own writings, nor fair use quotations.

This is one of the main reasons why those of us who’ve been out here for years use pseudonyms, and not our legal names.

You are really annoying the hell out of me, here.

– Steve 02) feinmann0

“If you set yourself up as a leader, even a here-today gone-tomorrow one, you take on the responsibility of being immortalised by history. If you are a leader who discriminates against others on the basis of their sexuality, you should always be remembered for what you are.

Leopards never changes their spots.”

Thank you for this.

Deleting these posts was never on the table, but after contemplating this for a few days, I have decided to make no changes to them at all.

These are unique pieces of writing…and I put some effort into them, most especially the orphaned response…which I officially included in my ISD project, and even made a narration audio file for…It took real time and work to create that post.

I made the decision to intentionally include that post, because it addresses a rare situation [an outside “activist”, approaching MAPs in hopes of an alliance, and inclusion]…and I’ve literally never written anything like this before. It’s an extremely unique piece of writing of mine. It belongs in the collection.

[T-G] has nothing to say, over whether I publish this or not.

I also have a right to document and comment on the aftermath.

It takes an incredible amount of gall, to approach someone and suggest deleting their own content, on their own blog…and most egregiously, when it’s part of their literal life’s work.

I’ve always approached this guy with sincerity and good will…I don’t appreciate being slapped in the face, like that.

Yes…I did a google search…Yes…this post does show up on the first page of results…about five or six down from the top.

[T-G] probably does not like that.

I don’t know what to say…There are others who still mention him on their blogs…There are websites hostile to him, which also mention him by name…

If I bother making any changes, it’s not going to make much difference…The hostile people already have what they want on him…It’s already out there.

It’s just going to be a pain in the arse for me, and several hours of work [because I’d have to redo the audio file, as well], for ultimately no good reason.

– Steve 03) [T-G] # 2

“1. I did not set myself as a leader; others did.

2. I never discriminated against anyone; I was never in a position to discriminate.

3. Even people you disagree with should not be defamed.

If you don’t want to delete the entire posts, you can simply edit their titles, which serves my purposes almost as well. It should take no more than 45 seconds at most; not hours, not even minutes.

I request this one more time; however, if you refuse to edit your posts and redact my name, the next steps to be taken will quite likely result in the removal of your site from WordPress, as has happened lately to a number of similar WordPress sites. You don’t want that to happen (presumably), and neither do I. So please consider taking a few seconds to redact my name.

Best of luck.”

No…it is not “a few seconds”…it’s tracking down and editing a number of things, and changing not only these posts, but also my ISD index…and all for very little, as I’m not removing the audio version of it, nor redoing it.

Let me explain something to you…

This blog, which represents my life’s true work, is a much more intricate network of projects, than what stumbling upon a few posts here might make you think.

I generally do the “heavier” [multi step] editing jobs on a very irregular basis, as I’ve suffered from a deteriorating health condition most of my life, and it’s been especially bad these last few years.

I am an understanding and empathetic person…but this is just horse shit.

The MAP community does not exist to serve your whims, [T-G].

Were we ever anything in your mind, except something to exploit for “serving your purposes”?

We exist in the real world, well outside of your ambitions…and, no…where there is no good reason, I will not make changes.

Where is any of this “defaming” you? It is historical dialogue, over something which objectively took place.

Do not threaten me, nor this blog…Wordpress has an established history of standing up for our right of expression. I have full faith, that they will continue to do such.

You have an incredible amount of gall, making such threats against someone who’s dedicated decades of his life to this movement, all over your personally regretted, brief tryst into a vaguely related movement.

This was all your orchestration…I and others have a right to respond, and to keep work we consider important online, well after the fact.

You really are showing your true colors here, [T-G]…

At this point, you’ve turned this more into a threat against a strong principle, I’ve spent decades of my life fighting for…

…And, no…you are not going to stroll in here, and dictate to me what [falling entirely under fair use], I am allowed to quote, write or share on my own blog.

You do not throttle my speech, anymore than any of the other bozos who’ve threatened to do such, over the last two decades.

Go away, coward.

…But do go ahead and make your complaint to WordPress…I am a long term customer, in good standing with this business.

If they see an actual problem in what has happened here, they can take it up with me…and we can come to a resolution.

Rest assured, however…in doing such, you are merely joining a parade of other pathetic individuals, who’ve threatened this blog, and who’ve tried to get it taken down.

– Steve


2 thoughts on “Since I Have a History of Informing Viewers of This Blog Whenever It is Being Threatened: [T-G]…

  1. Yurinho

    But, Steve, I think you should do it. I have talked to him personally. He lost a lot of things in his life, he lost things that are dear to him, and it could come back to make him lose even more. I really do think that you should do such removal. It could cost him much more to have his name associated with the cause, his real name. Please, reconsider. It’s not that he wants to dictate what you can or can not write about. It’s a matter of his survival. It’s not so different from having your name on a sex offender registry. Anyone can look it up. And it can ruin your ability to get a job, build a family and live decently. Could you be flexible just this once?

  2. eqfoundation Post author

    For Years I’ve Had the Signs of OCD:
    Every single article of content you see appearing on this blog [with exception to comments], is first composed/created, and saved in an archive folder on my HD [and various other back up places], prior to being published on this blog. These are the originals, and what I always default to, should I need to re-post or share anything.

    As a rule…once they are done and I am satisfied with how they came out, they go into an archive folder, and that is their permanent home…I do not mess with them again…In fact, it often drive me up the wall, when I am forced to go back, retrieve a file from an archive folder, and do “patch work” editing on it.

    The pages/websites are a different animal, because I have them organized “just so”, and I expect to be making many edits to many of them, long into the future…But posts?…when they are done, they are done…and I don’t expect to have to deal with them again.

    Part of the reason for this, is that I psychologically have to deal with visually scanning the entire post, to make sure nothing got inadvertently messed up, during the edit…and if I don’t, it will remain in the back of my mind, nagging at me.

    These are reasons why I hate pulling posts back out of their archive…They’re really just there in storage, at this point.

    Even when I make a fresh post…after I’ve opened the text file, selected, copied and closed it…I still have to reopen the file, and scroll through to make sure everything is still there, and no abnormal glitch caused the file to get messed up…at least one last time, before I move it to it’s archive.

    I think I’ve developed these eccentricities and ticks, from a lifetime of stress and adversity.

    My health has, literally, been deteriorating for quite a long time…

    …While I realize the volume of activity [the posting] may make it seem like I’ve got all the energy in the world, it is actually quite the opposite which is true…I get so much done with this blog, because this is still something I can do [relatively] easy.

    The fact that there are so many websites/pages on this blog, which are not even completed, or that have languished without an update in years, is the real benchmark of how things have been going for me.

    The fact that I’ve got this massive backlog of posts for “In Self Defense”, and the posting has ground to a halt [largely because of all the work it demands, to make audio narrations], says everything.

    I’ve considered ceasing with my blogging activities…including over the last few years.

    But I really cannot psychologically stop.

    I don’t mean to come off like an insensitive hard ass, where these types of situations come up…After as many years as I’ve spent, post being outed, I have more empathy for this sort of thing than most people…And, if I become aware that someone is sincerely in peril, of course I will do something…I don’t want to contribute to the destruction of anyone else.

    That is not what was initially communicated to me.

    …and, life is a lot harder for me these days, than it was even a few years ago.

    This, mixed with the complication, that there is a legitimate community dialogue surrounding [T-G], makes it harder for me to justify a total censorship of content.


    …Where it comes to my personal writings…These are all I really have, such as they are…This is what I am leaving behind, once I die…and I’ve experienced my ability to write slowly die, over the last few years…

    Excuse my deep irritation, when confronted with requests that I delete something I’ve chosen to partially represent my life, and that I’ve chosen to leave behind in my own wake.

    This is incredibly antithetical to what I’ve spent the last 13+ years of my life doing.

    I think, few people honestly get how deeply personal this project [and this blog] is to me…and I’ve suffered some really nasty blows, at the hands of cruel people in the past…

    You’re really treading on that…and pushing those buttons, when you start suggesting you can delete my work.

    I still stand by what I said, however…

    WordPress is not going to delete my blog, over this. It would demand a stark reversal of course, for them to do such. MAP blogs/websites are getting deleted, yes…but, on lesser platforms, who care nothing about the principles of free speech. I’ve been on enough of those lesser platforms to tell you, WordPress is different.

    I was never in fear of losing this blog…

    …But I am not someone who can be pushed around, or manipulated…and I do come out fighting, when people try to do that.


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