Fire Pro Wrestling World: Parts Craft Mode & Move Craft Mode…


Date: January 26, 2020



Parts Craft Mode / Move Craft Mode
We’ve done nearly everything we can do in terms of additional content, so the final step is to give you, the player, the tools to create your own. These modes allow you to make custom wrestler parts and wrestling moves.

These build-it-yourself modes mark the end of an era for Fire Pro. We’re using the time remaining to work on game balance, bug fixes, and improving the quality of the DLC.

Thank you for your continued support and patience and I’ll see you in 2020!”

There are still a few more DLCs left for Fire Pro World.

One is going to be another roster pack…likely female…It will add some parts and moves.

Another is a story mode.

The really exciting one is the parts craft and move craft DLC…which will be free.

I have no illusions, as to the likely level of ease these craft tools will pose…In fact, I expect these types of project to be very time consuming, and highly tedious…but, here is the thing…

Nothing like this has existed in a pro wrestling video game before…ever…

The move edit tool [I have a picture of it, but I cannot find it] allows you free reign, to manipulate the character skeletons however you want…which means, moves will be completely open to the imagination. If you can conceive it…presumably, you can make it.

From what I understand…these are going to be the professional tools, with which the FPW team made both the parts and moves, for at least the last few games in this series…They are releasing them to the community…hopefully, with full Steam Workshop support.


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