Date: January 27, 2020


No real quotation to take from this…

…It’s a young girl, talking trash about alleged “pedophiles”.

She’s garnered some following on YouTube, though I think she may have had her original account terminated.

I did not watch her, but was aware of her presence on YouTube.

People often espouse these kinds of views, without truly understanding what all “pedophilia” entails.

This sounds like shallow, cliche, talking point assertions, from someone who has never tried or experienced such a relationship.

I am all for children and youth speaking their mind…but I have a hard time taking these kinds of “critique” seriously…They are about as uneducated and vapid as it gets…Just someone repeating rhetoric they’ve heard.

It comes off like an internalized bigotry exhibition in an attempt to be popular, and nothing more.

As much as I’d like to like her…her attitude and character come off as just the abusive, rude and ignorant behavior of a nasty person.

I hope she has an epiphany some day, and avoids becoming an adult who is like this…because her cuteness is going to fade away eventually, and when she looses that…well…that type of character and reputation is a bad thing to be left with.

This video really is, largely, rehashed gossip.

…and she is exploiting the gossip.


3 thoughts on ““HOLLYWOOD PED0S”…

  1. eqfoundation Post author

    Another point I should have thrown into this…is asking how on earth Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby even get thrown into her monologue about “Hollywood pedophiles”.

    Nothing about either even comes close to suggesting they are pedophiles.

    1. eqfoundation Post author


      …She seemed to have a nasty attitude and personality, modeled after your typical, far right wing zealot…

      So, naturally…I just walked on by, and never looked back.


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