Think Bernie Is ‘Radical’? He Disagrees…

Date: January 31, 2020

01) Think Bernie Is ‘Radical’? He Disagrees

“Guaranteeing healthcare to all people through a Medicare for All program, is that radical?” Sanders asked the crowd at the 2020 Iowa Brown & Black Presidential Forum.

“Raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour, is that radical? Making all public colleges and universities tuition-free, canceling all student debt through a tax on Wall Street speculation: radical? Dealing with climate change: radical? Immigration reform: radical? Criminal justice reform — radical? Protecting a woman’s right to control her body, — radical? Sane gun policy — radical?” Sanders said. “I beg your pardon.”

With each question, the diverse audience responded with a louder “no,” before giving him a round of applause.”

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