Courts Overturn Kansas and 3 Other States Ag-Gag Laws For Being Unconstitutional…


Date: February 03, 2020

01) Courts Overturn Kansas and 3 Other States Ag-Gag Laws For Being Unconstitutional

I have mixed feelings about some of the actions of animal rights activists and their groups…and I wouldn’t say there are never any valid reasons to prosecute some of them…

The “terrorist” thing, however, is a gross, obscene overstep, and a straight out abuse of human rights.

The fact that they actually constructed laws just so, that they criminalize what rightly should be recognized as documentation, speech and expression…and all for the benefit of shielding big businesses?…That is just dead wrong.

But, you know…they’ve been doing this sort of thing, including at the federal level, long before they started targeting animal rights activists…

…The primary difference, is that we still have not seen any form of legal push back, nor striking down of what is clearly unconstitutional…Even the U.S. supreme court is absolutely useless, as it refuses to do anything about it…deciding that “sexual deviants” are throw away human beings, who are perfectly acceptable to exploit, discriminate against, violate and “strip” of all human rights.

Anyone could be voted a “sexual deviant”, and subjected to these laws and regulations, given an extreme enough government.

Our right to tell and show the truth, is overwhelmingly criminalized and stigmatized…

…It should never be this way, for anybody…ever.

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