Final Iowa Numbers Give Bernie VICTORY…


Date: February 07, 2020

01) Final Iowa Numbers Give Bernie VICTORY

“As the final numbers from the Iowa Caucus come in, we see that Bernie Sanders has improved the most from them.

The chairman of the Democratic National Committee called on Thursday for a “recanvass” of the results of Monday’s Iowa caucus, which was marred by technical problems and delays.

”Enough is enough,” party leader Tom Perez wrote on Twitter. He said he was calling for the recanvass in order to “assure public confidence in the results.”

With 97% of precincts reporting, Pete Buttigieg, a former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders are nearly tied.

The technical glitches plaguing the first contest on the 2020 nominating calendar have made an already complicated candidate selection process even more complicated, forcing state officials to apologize and raising questions about Iowa’s traditional prime spot in picking nominees.



“BERNIE DELIVERS UPDATE ON IOWA RESULTS AND NH CAMPAIGN: Bernie gives a campaign update at his Manchester Headquarters in New Hampshire”

CAMPAIGN 2020: BERNIE SANDERS declares victory over PETE BUTTIGIEG in Iowa Caucus:

“Live from Manchester, New Hampshire, Sen. Bernie Sanders declared a “strong victory” in the Iowa Caucus, after fellow 2020 Democratic presidential contender Mayor Pete Buttigieg said he himself had emerged victorious.”

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