Jordan Peterson’s year of ‘absolute hell’: Professor forced to retreat from public life because of addiction…

Date: February 08, 2020

01) Jordan Peterson’s year of ‘absolute hell’: Professor forced to retreat from public life because of addiction

“The controversial author and professor is recovering from addiction to tranquilizers and near-death in Russia, his family says.

Jordan Peterson is recovering from a severe addiction to benzodiazepine tranquilizers and was recently near death in an induced coma, his daughter Mikhaila said.

He is being treated at a clinic in Russia after being repeatedly misdiagnosed at several hospitals in North America, she said.

The University of Toronto psychologist who became an intellectual hero to a global audience by aligning self-help theory with anti-progressive politics was first prescribed the medication a few years ago to treat anxiety after what Mikhaila described as an autoimmune reaction to food. His physical dependence on it became apparent to his family last April, when his wife Tammy was diagnosed with cancer.

The last year, which saw him retreat from public life after swiftly becoming one of the most famous authors in the world, has been an “absolute hell,” said Mikhaila, also a well known speaker on diet, who advocates eating only beef.”

I’ve been seeing some things float across my screen, about Jordan and how things have been looking grim.

I do realize he may have been miss-characterizing some of the finer points, regarding the Canadian law he was campaigning against…and it’s made him fall from grace, a bit.

I disagree with him on some things…but I still think he’s a generally decent human being, and I’m sorry to learn of his current situation.

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