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[Dutch] Fuss for NPO interview with pedophile who wants toddlers to be able to decide on sex themselves…

Date: February 15, 2020

01) Fuss for NPO interview with pedophile who wants toddlers to be able to decide on sex themselves

It’s Google translated, so…there may be some mistakes, an it’s kind of rough reading…as usual.

“UPDATED The newest episode of the NPO program Danny on the street is causing a big fuss. Pedoactivist Nelson speaks in the episode. Nelson wants to set up a political party to legalize sex with children.

Program maker Danny Ghosen and the NTR already shared some excerpts from the report on pedoactivism in the run-up to the latest episode of Danny op Straat. This is where Nelson speaks; a pedophile who is attracted to boys from 4 to 14 years old. He has established a political party with the aim of making sex with children legal.

In a particularly shocking passage, pedo-activist Nelson explains that he thinks that a toddler can best decide whether he wants sex or not. “A child of 2 or 3 years old is also developed enough to decide whether he wants an ice cream or wants to go to the playground,” he says, “I think those things are very easy to compare.”

The man does not seem to understand why pedophiles are considered dangerous people. Not even when Ghosen points to the traumas they can cause in children. “In the case of abuse I get it,” it sounds. “But that has nothing to do with me.” Nelson is not very concerned about pedophiles, but all the more about the behavior of parents. “I am particularly concerned about the parents who can only respond with aggression,” it sounds.

The fragments that were shared prior to the episode were already reacted with horror and disbelief on social media. Threats are also made to the man’s address. Many find it impossible that he gets a stage and certainly not with the public broadcaster. ,, I really don’t understand why you gave this man a stage. You make such nice programs and now this? Shame. He deserves to be locked up for life, “it sounds, among other things.

During the episode, which was broadcast at 9.05 pm on NPO 2, #Dannyopstraat soon became trending. People react in disbelief to the shocking statements. “How can anyone have such a way of thinking,” someone writes. Many people also react angrily to both the pedo-activist’s statements and to the NTR’s decision to offer the man a stage. ,, # dannyopstraat what the hell have I just seen? Give such people this stage …. lock up, ban it in advance …. and as a father of 3 I cook inside. ”


The NTR supports its decision to tell the story of pedo-activist Nelson through the Danny Ghosen program. ,, In his program, Danny goes in search of subcultures that hardly come to light. With the program he shows that they exist and delves into subjects that play a role in our country. Danny is also very critical, as you can see in the episode tonight. ”

On Twitter, the volunteer organization pedofilie.nl has distanced itself from the statements made by pedo-activist Nelson. The organization opens a chat during Danny’s broadcast on the street to start a conversation with people with pedophile feelings. ,, Our conversation is about dealing responsibly with pedophile feelings. Not worthy of TV, but more important. ”

The University of Amsterdam also quickly responded after the episode. The broadcast showed that Nelson was allowed to give a lecture at the university about pedosexuality. ,, Nelson was invited to talk about his feelings as a pedophile, about what it means to live with it but not to act. That was in the context of a lecture on the development of sexual norms in society, “writes Director of Social Sciences, Richard van der Wurff, in a reaction to know.” We were insufficiently aware of his activist attitude and statements. That is wrong, a big mistake. If we had gone deeper into that, we would certainly not have invited him.”

Those poor, poor, pearl clutching viewers…

…Having to hear and see such things, and contemplate the world from a different point of view!

…How much, exactly, is a tiny mind expected to absorb before it pops?!…


NEW Horrific Bloomberg Tapes Emerge…

Date: February 14, 2020

01) NEW Horrific Bloomberg Tapes Emerge

“Mike Bloomberg’s campaign is in a nosedive.

On Tuesday, a video from 2013 resurfaced showing former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg defending “stop and frisk” — the policy of New York City police subjecting passersby to random searches that disproportionately targeted people of color, most of whom had done nothing wrong.