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15 Leading Vehicles All Electric for 2020 – New and Upcoming…


Date: February 18, 2020

01) 15 Leading Vehicles All Electric for 2020 – New and Upcoming

“As we move into the new decade, these leading all electric vehicles are swiftly charging ahead with radical changes in design and propulsion. The trend is clear, with technological breakthroughs and new materials paving the way, cementing their place in the future of transportation as their foothold becomes more prominent.

In this video, we’re bringing you 15 all electric vehicles that we’ve found to be shockingly amazing!”


Anand Giridharadas on ‘Winners Take All’ and the charade of elite philanthropy – VPRO Documentary…

Date: February 18, 2020

01) Anand Giridharadas on ‘Winners Take All’ and the charade of elite philanthropy – VPRO Documentary

“Writer Anand Giridharadas describes in his book ” Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World ” why the rich do not pay taxes, but with their philanthropy determine the course of the world (and thereby undermine our democracy). “Last year, more than four hundred billion dollars were spent on philanthropy in the United States. This is nearly going beyond the government budget – excluding the budget for defension. ”

This is just one of the insights of the former New York Times columnist and writer Anand Giridharadas. He paints a picture of a parallel government: one that is not democratic, but that is run by the super-rich of this world.

If rich people and companies avoid paying taxes as much as possible, but depicture the government as bureaucratic and then are taking credit when they open a new university building or hospital because their name is on it – what is left of our democracy?

Giridharadas therefore advocates a return to the public interest through renewed cooperation within our democratic institutions. Because, that’s how the writer rhetorically summarizes the problem:

“Which rich person or company has done more for the elderly in the United States than social security?”

“Which rich person or company has done more for health care for the poor than Medicaid?”

“Which rich person or company has done more for women than the right to vote?”

“Which rich person or company has done more for African Americans than the Votings Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act?”

An interview with Anand Giridharadas about the super-rich and how they undermine democracy.

Interview & regie: Britta Hosman
Research: Henneke Hagen / Arja van den Bergh
Edit and Online composition: Daan Kuys
Production: Olivier Schuringa
Commissioning Editors: Bregtje van der Haak & Doke Romeijn

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Klobuchar and Steyer Implode on Telemundo…

Date: February 18, 2020

01) Klobuchar and Steyer Implode on Telemundo

“Amy Klobuchar and Tom Steyer can’t name the President of Mexico.

Both Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and billionaire Tom Steyer were unable to identify Andrés Manuel López Obrador as the president of Mexico in an interview with Telemundo ahead of the Nevada caucuses, the first primary contest in a state with a significant number of Latino voters.

“What do you know about the Mexican president?” the interviewer, Guad Venegas, asks Klobuchar in the clip.

“What I will tell you is that I will visit Mexico in the first 100 days,” Klobuchar responds.


Dem Party Chair Changes 2020 Rules ‘Midstream’ After Saying ‘We Can’t Change The Rules Midstream’…


Date: February 18, 2020

01) Dem Party Chair Changes 2020 Rules ‘Midstream’ After Saying ‘We Can’t Change The Rules Midstream’

“This year’s candidate debates could shape who Democrats pick as a nominee to run against Donald Trump, and now the party is changing some of the rules for who can be in the debates in the middle of the process, drawing criticism from candidates including Sen. Bernie Sanders and Tom Steyer. In this Special Report, MSNBC’s Ari Melber charts the role of debates, the controversial new DNC rule change, the impact on candidates including Mike Bloomberg, and how the DNC’s shift conflicts with statements the party chair Tom Perez made as recently as January, when he said, “we made the rules, they were very transparent, they’re very inclusive, and we can’t change the rules midstream.

Aired on 02/13/20.”

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